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Exam season is on the way, in fact it's actually well underway. This fact terrifies me.Here's the lowdown.I'm currently studding Law, Religion + philosophy , English Language and German at college- i know, what was i thinking ?
 I guess everyone in the same boat as me right now understands the importance of these exams ,and this creates added stress.
I figure there's no way to stop stress entirely, it comes second  nature to us but there are definitely ways too soothe it.
I've learnt  that stressing gets you nowhere, it only leads you to prolong solving your root problems.Once you understand this yourself it will become easier for you to worry less about certain things and learn to accept whats happened or what will happen and think about how you can help yourself. And it is easier said than done but no one issue should stop you from progressing in life, Anyway i'm getting off topic, i wasn't intending for a cliche, motivational speech or anything. Here  a few ways i like to stay relaxed and calm whilst at the same time feel prepared for exam season.

 1) Good sleep-
You'll hear this time and time again, and the fact won't change.You need  to have a great productive day in order for you to be able enough to get actual  revision done. And this requires a wide awake mind. I'm typically , all year round, an almost  nocturnal species.I hate sleeping before 10pm  which isn't ideal for the 6 o clock wake up call for college. But i always set myself the target of 9;30 pm for exam nights to give me the added energy.

2) Breakfast -
Breakfast is one of those meals i  habitually skip , unless its a Spanish omelet Sunday (those are quite common in my house). But come exam time, i always take the opportunity for extra fuel, whether its fresh made berry and banana  smoothies  or +weetabix and banana - i love banana as you can probably tell.

it's important not to become a couch potato - the type to be up-to your ears in revision notes and highlighter smears covering all perimeters of your face.Make sure to leave space in between revision for socialising, whether its to go for a walk as fresh air is so important, or chilling with friends and family. I tend to dedicate to two hours of proper revision and then give myself a break , and then start again later.It's your preference how long to spend revising, make sure its ample time for you to actually take in what you're learning , but  at the same time don't burn yourself out.

4) Books
I would always suggest reading a book to relieve  stress, it's like entering a world , where you are not the main person, and are not stressed for a period of time , further relaxing you. A personal favorite of mine - The billion dollar marriage contract .

5) Baths and massages 
These aren't necessary , but they are some added chocolate to your strawberry.As we all know baths are much more soothing than a shower, they're just gonna relax your muscles and you can just have some 'me time' if you have been feeling like revision has been taking over your life. 
I always go for a massage, as they tend to just hit the tense spots that  you can never get yourself , a little pamper - why not ?

6) Stay calm you're gonna be ok !
After time and time again of my parents telling ,me this I've finally started to believe them,I'll admit no work comes easy , you do have to work your arse off at times.but for the odd month of two is it not worth it in the long run ?Nobody likes exams, but it is just something we all have to go through.And if it inevitable , by stressing you  are just prolonging the inevitable.
Lastly , i'd just like to emphasise that you can ONLY try YOUR best. So with that in mind, i'll leave it to you , to follow my lead, and after i close down Blogger in a few moments , you should pick up a a pen , some paper , spider diagram,mindmap,key words, past papers, model answers , and do yourself so proud that the one  other thing reflecting your hard work other than your amazing grades will be your self gratification.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to everyone !<3 nbsp="" p="">

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