Monday, 14 July 2014

Just fab

Hello everyone !
Today's  post is actually about a pair of Heels and  a Handbag I received from a  company called Just Fab. When the words heels and handbags are said aloud I can only picture every girls heaven because no girl can have too many shoes - or handbags for that matter.And to hear that you can receive both for the price of one, is a thought to make you crumble.
 When I  first joined as VIP at Just Fab  I was given an online personalised stylist and a quiz which enabled my choice of shoes to come up, I ended up choosing a black pair of heels because  blacks such a staple colour you can really wear and pair with anything and they can look really chic and fancy if you wear them right.

SIZE 5.5

They're quite tall, just over five inches and they're ok - comfortwise, all i can really say is that you want to make sure you choose the right size with these shoes exactly. I went with 5.5 rather than size 5 and ended up returning them for a size five because my feet kept slipping through due to the heighted angle.These heels cost £35 and there's currently an offer in place which i think is a complete  no brainer of when you buy one pair of shoes , you get a handbag for free ( of your choice).

I decided to choose this bag because I thought beige is a colour i lack in handbags so i asked for Fairmont -(I think it's called that anyway ).It's a great bag ,it's quite bulky so if you're on the hunt for a more intricate purse type bag , they have those too.

So just to clarify to you all, you choose a pair of shoes and choose a bag you like and at the end the price of the bag gets deducted and you only pay the payment of £35 for the shoes and a bag.

Thank you for reading !

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