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Just fab

Hello everyone !
Today's  post is actually about a pair of Heels and  a Handbag I received from a  company called Just Fab. When the words heels and handbags are said aloud I can only picture every girls heaven because no girl can have too many shoes - or handbags for that matter.And to hear that you can receive both for the price of one, is a thought to make you crumble.
 When I  first joined as VIP at Just Fab  I was given an online personalised stylist and a quiz which enabled my choice of shoes to come up, I ended up choosing a black pair of heels because  blacks such a staple colour you can really wear and pair with anything and they can look really chic and fancy if you wear them right.

SIZE 5.5

They're quite tall, just over five inches and they're ok - comfortwise, all i can really say is that you want to make sure you choose the right size with these shoes exactly. I went with 5.5 rather than size 5 and ended up returning them for a size five because my feet kept slipping through due to the heighted angle.These heels cost £35 and there's currently an offer in place which i think is a complete  no brainer of when you buy one pair of shoes , you get a handbag for free ( of your choice).

I decided to choose this bag because I thought beige is a colour i lack in handbags so i asked for Fairmont -(I think it's called that anyway ).It's a great bag ,it's quite bulky so if you're on the hunt for a more intricate purse type bag , they have those too.

So just to clarify to you all, you choose a pair of shoes and choose a bag you like and at the end the price of the bag gets deducted and you only pay the payment of £35 for the shoes and a bag.

Thank you for reading !

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The Lip Product Addict Tag

Hi everyone!
So I'm not exactly an ADDICT however I do own my fair share of lippy's , and aren't lip products a must have nowadays ? I honestly love wearing lipsticks more than anything and love giving my lips  a vibrant pop of colour whether matte or shiny.I think with lip colour it can really reflect your mood , so it's a really fun step in my make-up routine for me. I've seen a few of these tags and thought it would be fun to do one myself so here goes.

                   1)Favourite balm /treatment 
I have a few favourites when it comes to lip balms and although they all probably contain the same soothing and healing formula , well it can't hurt to have a few !Between Maybeline's Baby Lips , my Eos Lip balm, Burts bees, and Carmex I love each and every ones distinct scent and if it where possible I would probably try and wear all of them at once ! But since I have to choose, my favourite would be Maybeline's baby lips , it's packaging is quite cute, it's great at hydrating and I have got a mini collection going on so why stop at  1 or two or 3 .
 Treatment wise , I guess the only treating I do prior applying any lip products is probably ex foliating my lips,this  makes my lips a whole lot smoother and apply s any lip product "properly"- I couldn't think of a word to describe how it goes on  !
         ____________________________________________________________________________            2) Best eye catching red 
One thing I'm sure I've got plenty of is " eye catching reds" , I love how vibrant reds are and absolutely love how much they can make your lips look so much more mature and fuller.All whilst giving a very dramatic , and STAND OUT look.
I'd have to say my most eye catching would be a toss-up between my MAC Brave Red and my MUA velvet look lip gloss. Both very bright and versatile, whereas Russian red is a creemsheen and MUA'S being quite matte.Whatever the consistency's they're definitely eye catching.

      3)Best luxury and Best Drug store 
To me whether luxury or drug store ,if the lippy  draws my fancy then I'm quite attracted , persuaded and encouraged to buy.I think it's  safe to say my collection of luxury lippy's in comparison to drug-store  is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But the most luxurious of them all would probably be my Lancome Labsolu nu .
whilst my best drug store lipstick would probably be my Rimmel Tutti Frutti/
_______________________________________________________________________________     4) The most disappointing 
Though I very rarely purchase a lippy that disappoints me , I have  discovered some aspects of certain lip products  that have made me use them less often.I don't usually go for lip glosses as they tend to be sticky and I prefer the  matte look so i feel this aspect of lip-glosses disappoint me .The No7 moisture drench lipstick in iced pink is probably one lipstick I'm not too much of a fan of, the colour is way too pink for my skin tone and not to  my tastes.
________________________________________________________________________________ 5)Liner -yes or no
I'm yet to purchase one ! However I think it's a good idea for red lipsticks as they can tend to smudge and lining the lip can make the lips look a little more plump and stand out more.
___________________________________________________________________                             6)Best Gloss
As I previously mentioned I'mm not a great fan of glosses however I do have a collection from my more girlier days , but if I had a favourite it would be the Bobbypin tars.

   7) Something extra !
 When you start to build a collection of lip products you end up neglecting some , and when typing up this post I came across a cute little number 05 from the Rimmel Kate moss collection - which i do remember being one of my favourites at a time.I don't usually
buy makeup from Barrym, but i did pick up a nice coral number 147 lippy ,it's a cute shade and i feel like it has a nice consistency.

Thanks for reading ! 
 What are your fave lip products ?
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