Saturday, 31 May 2014

Victorias Sercret Fragrances and Calvin Klein Ck In 2U

Hi everyone ! 
Today i thought I'd do a post on my favourite smelly's ! As girls , we know just how to pamper and prime ourselves ,one way in which we do this is by fragrance.We often hear of fragrances that "entice " and "seduce ", however nothing really beats the comfort of being complimented on how good you smell.
I was on the hunt for a good old bra at Victorias secret when I came across a whole new world of female paradise, that being the fragrance section. It was like a whole separate shop just for smelly's , I'm sure you can already sense my excitement at the sight.After a very prolonged period of searching for the right bra I found myself heading  in the direction of  yet another ordeal ; "5 body sprays for £30" - it was a no-brainer bargain.

Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist  -VS
Sugared Lilac Fragrance Mist -VS
Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist-VS
Such  a flirt Fragrance Mist-VS
Alice +Eliza Body Mist -M&S
After a very hard decision I ended up choosing four sprays for myself and one to give away as a gift.I chose Sugared Lilac - a very sweet , florally scent .Tropical Nights -fresh berries &hyacinth, which is more "tropically" and a little less sweet but very refreshing.Pure seduction -with red plum & Freesia this I find is a very mature scent , but still sweet and very strong. Such a flirt - which smells quite similar I think to Sugared lilac in the way its quite fruity and florally.And Hello Darling - which I actually don't have a review on as I gave it away as a gift, what I can remember was that it was very fruity and limey  like the others but was my least favourite out of the five as it wasn't as sweet .
In the picture you'll also see a bottle from Alice + Eliza which is the Amber &black plum body mist -its quite sweet and delicate at the same time. It's very refreshing  and quite a simple scent.

Calvin Klein Ck In 2U
My next smelly review is the Calvin klein Ck In 2U perfume. I really like the bottle packaging and love the smell. It's definitely more spicy that sweet but there's still a hunt of "floralness" in there. I've sprayed it in my hair a few times - just cos  I know it stays a while and I've been complimented about the fragrance a few times - which is always a plus ! I got this as a gift but I think at 100 ml's in the Perfume shop it's £15.00.
Thanks for reading ! What are your fave  smelly's ? 
Iqraa xxx

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