Saturday, 31 May 2014

Victorias Sercret Fragrances and Calvin Klein Ck In 2U

Hi everyone ! 
Today i thought I'd do a post on my favourite smelly's ! As girls , we know just how to pamper and prime ourselves ,one way in which we do this is by fragrance.We often hear of fragrances that "entice " and "seduce ", however nothing really beats the comfort of being complimented on how good you smell.
I was on the hunt for a good old bra at Victorias secret when I came across a whole new world of female paradise, that being the fragrance section. It was like a whole separate shop just for smelly's , I'm sure you can already sense my excitement at the sight.After a very prolonged period of searching for the right bra I found myself heading  in the direction of  yet another ordeal ; "5 body sprays for £30" - it was a no-brainer bargain.

Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist  -VS
Sugared Lilac Fragrance Mist -VS
Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist-VS
Such  a flirt Fragrance Mist-VS
Alice +Eliza Body Mist -M&S
After a very hard decision I ended up choosing four sprays for myself and one to give away as a gift.I chose Sugared Lilac - a very sweet , florally scent .Tropical Nights -fresh berries &hyacinth, which is more "tropically" and a little less sweet but very refreshing.Pure seduction -with red plum & Freesia this I find is a very mature scent , but still sweet and very strong. Such a flirt - which smells quite similar I think to Sugared lilac in the way its quite fruity and florally.And Hello Darling - which I actually don't have a review on as I gave it away as a gift, what I can remember was that it was very fruity and limey  like the others but was my least favourite out of the five as it wasn't as sweet .
In the picture you'll also see a bottle from Alice + Eliza which is the Amber &black plum body mist -its quite sweet and delicate at the same time. It's very refreshing  and quite a simple scent.

Calvin Klein Ck In 2U
My next smelly review is the Calvin klein Ck In 2U perfume. I really like the bottle packaging and love the smell. It's definitely more spicy that sweet but there's still a hunt of "floralness" in there. I've sprayed it in my hair a few times - just cos  I know it stays a while and I've been complimented about the fragrance a few times - which is always a plus ! I got this as a gift but I think at 100 ml's in the Perfume shop it's £15.00.
Thanks for reading ! What are your fave  smelly's ? 
Iqraa xxx

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hi everyone !
 So I'm back to the blogging world now the worst of my GCSE'S  and the school year  is  over .It's  been a long time and I'm glad to be back doing something i really enjoy. Since it's coming to the end of May , I thought I'd do a review on   my most loved products this month so without further or do...

Got2b Oil Licious styling oil
Boots -£3.00

 I've been through that painstaking process  that we all go through , of trying to keep my hair as soft and frizz free as possible .I've tried many things, but none better than oil.So this months favourite  is definitely the Got2b oil-licious tame & Shine Styling Oil.It is for me , heaven in a bottle.It's got argon oil in it , and generally I use it after washing my hair , near the ends of my hair and  just  and after drying my hair to tame frizz and give it a good nourishing shine . Both my sister and I have been using this product for a few months because we  absolutely love  how it feels and helps our damaged hair and it's definitely a  staple part of our hair routine now.

MAC Soft and Gentle (picture doesn't do any justice !)
MAC -£22.00

I did a swatch just to show you how it actually looks as the actual highlighter looks deceiving on camera !
 With make-up I've  got four favourites this month.The first is the  MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skinfinish.The natural glow look has been very in this time of year and I think that it's just a really nice look to have whether you make it dramatic for a night out , or just natural looking for a day out to the beach.I got this highlighter because I  felt it looked more natural to my skin tone compared to Lightscapade but when i do want a more up-lighted dramatic look it  can be achieved with this highlighter.I think i prefer using a powdered highlighter to a liquid , but I'm contemplating also trying the Benefit High beam highlighter.

MaxFactor Panstick -£6.99
Loreal True Match foundation- £9.99
Loreal Volume Million Lashes- £10.99

 Another product I've loved this month is the Maxfactor Pan Stik .Its's actually a sort of roll on Foundation stick .I love it because it hides any imperfections on my face ,it's got good coverage if you have   mild acne scarring ,marks or redness.What I really love about  his product is that it feels like satin on the skin, which is always something that i appreciate with foundation.I got the cool copper in the shade 14 which is a very tan / bronzed colour - mainly because i wanted to use it on the cheekbone area for a  sort of  tanned contour.
   Loreal is a brand I've never used before this month  and when I tried the products I was really happy with the results. The Loreal True Match foundation is definitely till date  my favourite  foundation, it's coverage is really good and it also feels and sets really nice on the skin.It's not cakey at all, it hardly looks like it's there while getting rid of any imperfections.
 The second Loreal product I'm loving is the Volume Million Lashes mascara.I have received many compliments about  the length and thickness of my lashes when wearing this mascara. And I love how  dramatic-ly fuller it can make your eyes look.It's just got a standard barrel brush but it's formula is impeccable in the way that  I can't fault it  or ask any more of it.

Make-up tools are vital for me ,the real techniques as I'm sure many of you will agree  are really great at applying  make-up and the bristles  hardly ever shed. This month I've loved pulling off smokey eyes using the eye brushes and  also achieving a more natural blended  look with the face brushes.But it  is thanks to my wonderful best friends for buying me these brushes for my birthday ! MWAH!XO


 I thought I  should also do a May favourite for books , since I've been reading a lot since most of my exams  are over.And one book I've  enjoyed reading this month is The Fault in our stars by John Green. I think its a lovely book  despite it  making me  OVERLY EMOTIONAL and I'm excited to see the film !

Thank you for reading my lovelies ! Leave me links to your May / June favourites as I would love to read them !
Iqraa xx


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