Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick -shade 101 +swatches

Hi guys , so it saddens me to say that i'm on hold from the bright pinks and tempting reds when it comes to the lippy.I found it was making em look a lot older than I am, and though this didn't bother me too much my mum had a difference in opinion.Red has always been my favorite color  and I guess that's just what drawed me to them at the store.I think we can all agree that the revitalising reds  are the most appealing and eye catching when it comes to lippy's.And for nearly a year now , the pale ,nude and pinks have just looked way too dull for me.

However I have gone for a complete new look make-up wise , a more subtle , natural look is what I'll now be sporting as I have realised it suits me better and makes me look a suitable age.Especially since my skin is on the darker side of fair and almost brown,natural definitely works better.

After a long time lurking through the aisles of +Loreal,+Max Factor ,+Sleek,+Rimmel ,+Maybeline etc the  brand I ended up getting my lipstick from was +Rimmel. Now some of my more keen readers will know that I have used the Kate Moss collection lipsticks a lot in my time. Burt they have always been bright pink.So this subtle , pale tone of pink is definitely something new for me.It's  shade 101 ,Rosetto Rouge  and is the Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate.It's a matte lipstick which is what I wanted as I'm not too keen on glossy , shiny lips.It's not as moisturising as I would like it , in fact it is a little bit drying which is kind of disappointing.

And so here's a little swatch for you .Its looking a little on the shinier and more pinkier side in this light than in reality.So I would recommend just applying a little tester swatch when you next go to +Boots as the camera image here , really doesn't do it any justice.

So what do you think ? Team bright or Team natural ?


  1. I love this colour. Not used it myself but heard so many great things about it. Fab blog hun x Heroine In Heels

    1. Thanks hun ! It would really suit your skin tone ! X


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