Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The new review - a fashion issue

Hi guys , I;m sure we've all seen it , been there and maybe even bought the t-shirt ,when It comes to  the fashion of this season : pastel and candy colors, and shiny vinyl and leather sepperates. All great staple pieces of uniform that everyone will have seen somewhere. Now I notice ,more recent fashion gives off more of a marmite sensation  than marmite itself.I mean I find myself , to this day, still never stepping foot inside Hollister and purchasing anything.

There's a lot of variation going on as far as I can tell , let's take a look at the Geek chic dresses .I see girls my age walking around in dresses going  past the knee and maybe even three quarters of the way down with sneakers and a leather jacket.I must admit , it's a trend I'd never be able to pull off myself , but for those that accessorise it well -pat on the back to you.We have to remember how style has progressed over the years ,this time last year , dresses were midi and short , playsuits were coming in and maxi dresses were fairly out . Length was out the window and it seems that now ,people aren't ashamed to wear a sporty accessory such as a pair of trainers with a classy and elegant looking dress.
I guess what i'm trying to clarify here is ,to be  in with the fashion or to look trendy ,does that  really matter?

Let's face it , putting it rather bluntly , if you wear a pair of Harem Pants now , people will look at you funnily , either that or people will think it's come back  and BAM , you're a trendsetter.But reality wised , we are judged on what we wear.And it's true , fashion can give you confidence;clothing is a supporting act .But some people  do  like comfort and keeping to the right side of sanity.
There's so much choice out there ,my advice is to take a long hard look in the mirror and think about what suits  you ,try not to look any older than you're age , or any younger .To look like yourself is the best thing you can do .I know , I see a lot of people nowadays who look about 18 , but then you find out they;re only 13-14 and it's shocking how times have changed.If you dress now how you were supposed to  be dressing later on in your life , how do you dress then ?Will you look younger , or the same ?
It's okay to be original , if you want to stand out that is .I think nowadays , there are a lot of people that seek attention , and so they dress differently and act differently , but that's just the way you are.Sometimes , you like what a certain person wears , and when you wear it , it appeals to someone else.It's important to remember they're not copying you , or cramping your style, it shows they look up to you , or aspire to look like you.And we all do it , I moan to my mum how I bought a pair of heels to wear and showed someone and they went and bought the same exact ones .I wanted to have something that people would like , but I don't want them to be able to wear it themselves.Truth is , that's just playing dirty and you can't stop people from wearing what they want.
The price you pay for a lot of stuff nowadays is shocking considering it's not vintage ,not  unique,not hard-wearing quality ,and the price you pay is pretty much just for a logo.And at the end of the day fashion should be about fun , you shouldn't be of any less standard or popularity if it just doesn't ride with you.Fashion used to e the thing that only few people were capable of , nowadays it's few that aren't capable of it.
I used to think I looked odd in tops and jeans  -perhaps I still  do but I just care slightly less.However i think my recent change of heart is not related to this.And so , I find myself wearing  them a lot of the time recently.Maybe that's just as fashionable as I am capable of being.

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