Monday, 25 March 2013

CASEAPP. Trendy Iphone cases !

Hi everyone , as you can see it's a " long time no see" post today.Which is actually going to  be on more of an accessory than a product. And for all you iphone trendy users out there , I have something great ins tore for you .So  I was on the hunt for a new iphone case ,nothing tacky , bedazzled and cheep.Something hard wearing and practical but stylish all at the same time. And I came across a lovely website called This website allows you to create an iphone case for both iphone 4/4s and iphone 5. They create cute little kind of collage, memoir type of phone cases. The great thing about this website is you can upload the pictures you want and re-size and tilt them to how you want them .Add text , and background too.I think overall they can make a cute gift for anybody with a love for pictures.It's  really a quick , easy and simple task to carry out. The phone case costs £19 and delivery is always free too.I really am excited and can't wait to get it ! I think you should go check out the website ,and have a play with your pictures and you might like what you see.Keep reading for a post on how the actual accessory turns out.
 I just think some of the ideas are really clever and cute, these are some of the most popular artistic ones.

No worries iphone caseFly High iphone caseVintage girl iphone casePersueCrystalsFlower Power iphone case

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