Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hi guys , I have a few Ted Baker beauty products that I purchased so I thought I'd do a little haul on them.

False Eyelashes and Glue 
I've never really needed to wear false eye lashes seen as my eyelashes are already quite thick  and long (thankfully) .But i decided to try them out and I absolutely love them.They are double layered and winged and feathered.Though I would like them to be a little more winged. Despite the sounds of how amazing it is , I wouldn't wear them for no reason as they don't really look very natural and can look a bit OTT.The glue is really easy to apply , you just apply it to the brim of the false lashes and stick on the edge of your eyelash from your lid. 

Eye liner 
I really like this eye liner , it really enhances my eyes and makes them stand out . Though I've said I don't like glitter the glitterness looks really nice on my waterline.It's very long lasting and hard wearing too.

Eye lash curlers 
Pretty self explanatory , curls your lashes .Not really much to say but they're a pretty gold brassy color.

I'm not really that impressed with this mascara , it doesn't really increase volume or lash intensity or anything i want in a mascara.

Felt ended eyeshadow
There are three colors , pink , silver and a bronzey kind of color. They're all glittery and don't stay on for too long , bu they do look nice on. They're easy enough to apply with the felt tip ended applicator.They are very crumbly so be careful .

Oh and last but not least , some cute pink eyebrow tweezers !

Overall , I like having a selection of make-up brands but i personally don't think i'll be buying any more make-up from Ted Baker,I think I 'll stick with drugstore for now.

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