Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hi guys , so there had been much hype on the tangle teezer recently so I thought I would go see what all the fuss was about . Much to my disappointment I went all the way to boots only to come across the Tangle Tamer. This looked like any old brush but to feel like I had actually bought something I went and bought it anyway. It wasn't too much of a mistake , after all it had it's advantages. 

The bristles are really close together and doubled for a more pristine and frizz free brush.It's like the old ouchless brush , in that it untangles hair without causing you much pain . But if you have really tight curls like me , then you'll notice it doesn't completely detangle your hair.It does make your hair feel very soft ,and it appears frizz free m, however it made my hair poofy :(

So I found myself on another trip to  Boots basket in hand , i picked up the TANGLE TEEZER. There was three types , the flowerpot , the cheetah and the original . Me , being a simple little hassle free job picked up the cheapest option , the original. This is sparkly and purple , two things i'm not too keen on.

The thing I think  everyone likes about these brushes is the fact that they are different.These paddles are perfect for people with big hands , but if you have small hands ,i'd say you'd find slight hardships in using it. Again the bristles are closely packed together to enable a frizz free and painless brush. I feel that this detangles better that the tangle tamer but the tangle tamer is easier to handle.My hair feels much softer when using the Tangle Tamer .Although , i get better volume when using the tangle teezer.

Anyway , I understand that this may all come across quite confusing , what with those "tangles " flying everywhere , so I conclude ...
The tangle teezer wins, for it's work and comes at a price of £10.99 from Boots. Click HERE  for an automatic transfer. 

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