Friday, 18 January 2013

Maybeline color sensational 175 PINK PUNCH

Hi guys , this review is going to be on the Maybeline color sensational pink punch lipstick .In the shade 175.This is a step down from the vibrancy of what I usually get , mainly because my mother told me to tone down a bit but equally nice.
I am a real fan of Maybeline's color sensational line. I have been asked before when wearing their lipsticks what I was wearing as both the lip stick and the vibrancy last literally the majority of the day.

One thing about these lipsticks is the casing , to me they look slightly tacky in their fluorescent tinted  cases .But all the while the lipstick itself is elegant and professional looking.
The lipstick is very moistured , it has a matteness about it , but is also a shine lipstick to some extent. It's not super shiny so the color is quite heavilly pigmented which is a good way to make the lips look more fuller and bold  if you're going for  that effect.So the product doesn't dry out your lips which is also helpful !

I also love the smell of this particular lip stick . It's got this scent that's kind of on the edge of sweet and that's a great thing to take in when the product is sitting right under your nose. 
I found that when comparing this to one of my oldfound no.1 lippy's the Color sensational range again - :550 Cherry Candy that the pink punch suits me better and is more bright , vibrant and less shiny . 

This is what I consider a drugstore gem, and it’s definitely one of the best Color Sensational lipsticks I’ve come across in texture and consistency, as well.  It’s very creamy, which makes application a cinch, but it’s also incredibly pigmented. It applies sheer in one swipe but the color deepens in 2-3 swipes. Moreover, it is packed with pigments that warm up on contact with the skin and stain the lips giving long lasting color. On purchasing both lipsticks, I had assumed it to be one of those sheer hydrating lipsticks that lasts for 2-3 hours  but this one turned out to be a surprise package, and a very pleasant one too! The moisturisation as well the color stays for a long time and to remove the stain, you need  a makeup remover.

Top shade : 175 pink punch :compared to
550 Cherry candy
Overall , I think I'll be using this lipstick down to the rim like I did with the previous and then probably get the same if I don't find any even better .This range consisted of 24 shades and there will deffo be one to suit someone. But this sure as hell smudges easilly ! I got this from Boots for £7.19 .

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