Sunday, 13 January 2013

MAC Cremesheen Brave Red Lipstick

Hi guys ,I know its late but  I hope we have all had a very MERRY Christmas and a happy new year.If anything this time of the year is the time that family and friends have gotten closer.I am very blessed for my friends and family  and so to be able to celebrate and spend time with them is something I am very grateful for. If there's any post that has been awaited I think it is this one .A gift that my best friend got me that I am loving is the Mac Cremesheen brave Red lipstick.I have to say , it's a very bright red and personally I think it suits skin colors like mine on the darker side of fair rather than the paler skin colors.I know the bright reds are still quite in with the fashion,however it is a trending topic that not many people  were that keen on . I know a lot of my friends who say I wear lipstick too dark but I guess it's just about preference .

The name of this lipstick really does the product justice , it is kind of a brave color to go for .It's the shade Brave Red and the sleek and shiny casing looks cool too but I guess its just standard casing.

On to the texture, it's not a matte lipstick , yeh so there's a slight sheen to it but not mega shiny.And because of this , when it is applied to the lip it does go a few shades lighter.Looking at it in the light now it looks like a very dark pink.

What I like about this lipstick is that it moistured , there's nothing worse than dry lips .I think this color helps to make your lips look more fuller as your lips are gonna stand out with the vibrancy of the shade .It's okay for a little while , but the color is highly pigmented and as it's red the intensity will eventually fade when exposed to moisture , just like dying your hair red and washing it . So it's not very long lasting but I guess your good to go if you can reapply it regularly.

So this  costs £14  which is reasonable  considering how good quality the lipstick is , however I think I would buy a few more shades if it was a little more affordable .
Overall , I really liked this lip stick and I would thoroughly recommend it .
And thanks again for treating me to it Beth !xo


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Iqraa xx


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