Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy Blogaversary!

Hi guys , well I was gonna wait till my one year blogaversary to say this but now I've reached my target ,I thought what they hell , I'll mention it now . 
That's right at the end of this month , Dreamreflection will be turning one year old !I feel like it was only yesterday I abandoned Hairgalore (my first ever blog- lasted a few months)and started cracking on with what I was really compassionate about.

After having a rather tiring 6 periods of school I got back home to find out I had hit 10,000 views.I feel like this is a HUUUUUGGGE achievement for me and am so happy to see it !I honestly did not think I would keep to  this long but I am so glad for continuing to blog.
This is a giant step for me and dreamreflection as if some of you remember dreamreflection only started off as Hairgalore which is the start of my blogging journey.I am very thankful for all my readers and all I can ask is that you keep reading what you enjoy to read .I want to say thankyou to  @amazing earrings  for the support and sponser this year and thank you to everyone that has entered the three giveaways I have hosted. 
I hope for dreamreflection to have a positive and prosperous year ahead , and I also hope to improve on my lack of posting , Sorry dollz ! 
Thanks again ! xox

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