Monday, 21 January 2013

Collection 2000 Fix me up make-up spray

Hi guys, so with summer gone , i suspect the dewy , glowy look to be slowly diminishing too.I have seen more matte faces now we're heading towards the colder more hostile months ,  to do with make-up -which to be honest I do prefer. But I admit at the time , i wanted my makeup to look a little more natural , and in order I strived for a more dewy face.I also needed something that was going  to leave my make-up looking fresh and fixed all whilst not being too heavy and compact on the skin. This review is on the Collection 2000 Fix me up spray .

  This was the dream a few months back , and up until recently I have been using it throughout.It's not the best fix me up spray , it doesn't last long but it keeps me going for as long as I need to usually. It help refresh and keep makeup looking a little more flawless but I wouldn't say the smell is amazing . In some ways you could say it's like a hairspray for your face .

My face make-up has been helped when using this product but I wouldn't say it does anything for your eyes unfortunately,as we can all be a little prone to anti-lasting eye makeup.
This bottle has a little spray dispenser in which the 18ml it holds sprays out on to the face as a mist.Not too much is needed for the whole surface ,however  there isn't actually a lot in this bottle of haze .
The costing comes as £5.99 if you were to purchase from Superdrug  which isn't bad.
Overall , I think I'll still be looking for a better makeup fixing spray but in the process of it , I will still be using this product , it's nothing bad but for what it's worth ,I would rather pay more and get a better result.

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  1. I've been wanting this. I use their primer and it's great! :D x


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