Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Body Shop shimmer cube palette 22

Hi guys , today's review is on a little eye-shadow palette I got from The Body Shop.This partic palette is known as the shimmer cubes palette 22.As you can see it consists of four shades.

  • 01-pure turqoise
  • 02-mint green
  • 03-silver grey
  • 04-forest green 

Each are separately cased and easy to use and handle.I would say all colors blend together nicely though they are a little too bright for my liking.

 It's quite compact so you can fit this anywhere dead handy.

So these little cubes ,each are equally shiny,and as I've said before i'm not a fan of that much shine .The darkest shade and the silver grey actually look really nice as a smokey eye effect.
They are easy to apply as they are really compressed but unfortunately that's about it . I mean they lay nicely on the lid , stay on for a long time aswel .(with a good eye primer )

So they are kind of party material shades but each could  be worn on their own for more simpler looks. Overall , I think this is a real cute eye-shadow palette but for the little it is , i think it's not worth how much you pay. But that's body shop for you , they are not exactly cheap.However, I think that's the price you need to pay sometimes for good quality make-up.I mean if you're really good with your eye shadow applying skills,or have plenty of time on  your hands to practice , with this palette you could pull off having a look like this .Click for enlarged view

There are several different palettes ,including more natural toned colors and more vibrant colors . And they cost £16 now after being reduced in the sale . So they're a wee bit pricey but good quality. 


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