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Betrousse Christmas beauty box review

Hi guys , today's post is on the betrousse beauty box. Now I've had a lovehate experience with this box. I'm always going to love receiving a betrousse box in the post as it's a great and exciting  treat at the end of the month but there are few times when the box isn't up to any standards that's it's supposed to live up to , nevermind mine. Anyway ,before I get of the subject let me tell you a bit about the company.

Betrousse beauty is a french company that specialise in monthly non subsciption beauty boxes for women .The boxes usually consist of more than five full size ,high end beauty products ,and accessories.The idea of Betrousse is for you to be able to have a look at whats in this months beauty box and if you like it purchase it and it will arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days.

The great thing about Betrousse is , the contents of the box will range from say a total of £75 to other boxes from £122 and they will reduce the price for you to pay to about £17 pounds depending on the box.However at the moment , there is a sale in which boxes are less than £10.To be completely honest with you, I don't see why anybody wouldn't want a Betrousse beauty box when they come that cheap.
First look at the box , it's meant to be a christmassy box but i mean there's nothing in there that sparks me as  "christmas".I think I'm gonna go in order of favorites to least favorite products.

Soin Hydra Expert hydrating and nourishing cream
I think this cream looks like it works and by a good working brand . It costs £34 for a 50ml tub and the tub looks nice and classy.Although I like the fact that Betrousse puts a lot of effort in to finding good cremes that work they do tend to base their boxes on elderly people . Almost all the cremes I get are anti aging and so aren't of much use to me.But another product for Tasaver's shelf I guess.

Skinetica anti blemish cleanser 
This is actually on of the best cleansers i have used. It really helps with my acne and calm down redness and spots. It's not that amazing at removing make-up however it does calm and sooth my skin making it feel incredibly soft and clear in the morning . I usually apply this at night after washing my face ,so basically use as a normal cleanser !

Montagne Jeunesse Dead sea mud spa mud mask 
Betrousse deffinately knew what my soft spot was , I absolutely love Montagne jeunesse Products. Their face masks smell amazing and do wonders for skin health.I have tried these fabric clay infused masks and they are really great and refreshing to use. I will deffinately be trying this in my busy week ahead for relaxation !

Belle Nigelle relaxing Massage cream 
I have found that this massage cream smells a little funny , but a moisturiser is a moisturiser , and it's what we need in the winter months. Suplements and vitamins from places that the sun can't offer!
This costs £16 and it was either this or the bath and Massage Oil by orient scents which i have to admit I would much rather have received.

Saffron london cracking black nail polish

This is another repeat from last months box which is a bit dissapointed , i probably wouldn't have minded if it was a different color though.

Tattyoo-Betrousse Tatoo
I don't think shocked even begins to explain my feelings when discovering this accessory costed £5.Honest , I don't think you'll be seeing me walking around sporting  a Betrousse Tattoo on my arm .

Forte Pharma Turboslim Chronoactive tablets
Considering I am not over weight I don't plan on loosing a lot of weight.The extra few pounds I want to lose will most likely be lost naturally and not by using tablets.They will be of no use to me or anybody in my family and I'm wondering  as to why they had to include this.

Overall this box came to £97 all reduced to £9 .I mean it's a good price but I honestly think that Betrousse's box just didn't have that sparkle this time and they generally could have done better .
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