Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick -shade 101 +swatches

Hi guys , so it saddens me to say that i'm on hold from the bright pinks and tempting reds when it comes to the lippy.I found it was making em look a lot older than I am, and though this didn't bother me too much my mum had a difference in opinion.Red has always been my favorite color  and I guess that's just what drawed me to them at the store.I think we can all agree that the revitalising reds  are the most appealing and eye catching when it comes to lippy's.And for nearly a year now , the pale ,nude and pinks have just looked way too dull for me.

However I have gone for a complete new look make-up wise , a more subtle , natural look is what I'll now be sporting as I have realised it suits me better and makes me look a suitable age.Especially since my skin is on the darker side of fair and almost brown,natural definitely works better.

After a long time lurking through the aisles of +Loreal,+Max Factor ,+Sleek,+Rimmel ,+Maybeline etc the  brand I ended up getting my lipstick from was +Rimmel. Now some of my more keen readers will know that I have used the Kate Moss collection lipsticks a lot in my time. Burt they have always been bright pink.So this subtle , pale tone of pink is definitely something new for me.It's  shade 101 ,Rosetto Rouge  and is the Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate.It's a matte lipstick which is what I wanted as I'm not too keen on glossy , shiny lips.It's not as moisturising as I would like it , in fact it is a little bit drying which is kind of disappointing.

And so here's a little swatch for you .Its looking a little on the shinier and more pinkier side in this light than in reality.So I would recommend just applying a little tester swatch when you next go to +Boots as the camera image here , really doesn't do it any justice.

So what do you think ? Team bright or Team natural ?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Caseapp personalised iphone case >UNBOXING

Hi guys , it may have been a while since I last posted but I've got so much in store for you.So as you may remember I was kindly given the opportunity by +Caseapp to review one of their funky iphone cases.
+Caseapp is a website which specialises in personalised  iphone cases and skins.They are really cute memorabilia and the collages you can make are a real nifty idea.So I figured I'd make mine for my mum and so uploaded a load of pictures of the family onto the website. This procedure helped me see how fantastic the phone case looked with pictures and text and i could rearrange, move ,tilt and all that jazz .

About a week later I received the case at my doorstep.Obviously it was how i'd expected and my mum absolutely loved it . Everyone kind of looks at it and thinks it's a really sweet idea.So it's rather unique and stands out.The case is pretty simple ,it is only a hard back case with the sides so there is a chance of damage if the phone was to fall face flat .But let's slap on a screen protector and hope for the best with her helpless butter fingers ! The quality of the printout is very good , the case is strong and heardwearing . However I did find that in  few places the case has been scratched at when placed on a  surface and I think this is probably due to the fact that there isn't any protective film on top of the case.Anyway it's not too visable.
So how does the idea sound to you ?I would thoroughly recommend buying one of these cases you can personalise yourself as it's always been said " the best gifts are , the ones homemade".If you're up for having a tweak or buy follow the link >>> * *
COST <£19 -INC delivery >

Monday, 25 March 2013

CASEAPP. Trendy Iphone cases !

Hi everyone , as you can see it's a " long time no see" post today.Which is actually going to  be on more of an accessory than a product. And for all you iphone trendy users out there , I have something great ins tore for you .So  I was on the hunt for a new iphone case ,nothing tacky , bedazzled and cheep.Something hard wearing and practical but stylish all at the same time. And I came across a lovely website called This website allows you to create an iphone case for both iphone 4/4s and iphone 5. They create cute little kind of collage, memoir type of phone cases. The great thing about this website is you can upload the pictures you want and re-size and tilt them to how you want them .Add text , and background too.I think overall they can make a cute gift for anybody with a love for pictures.It's  really a quick , easy and simple task to carry out. The phone case costs £19 and delivery is always free too.I really am excited and can't wait to get it ! I think you should go check out the website ,and have a play with your pictures and you might like what you see.Keep reading for a post on how the actual accessory turns out.
 I just think some of the ideas are really clever and cute, these are some of the most popular artistic ones.

No worries iphone caseFly High iphone caseVintage girl iphone casePersueCrystalsFlower Power iphone case

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The new review - a fashion issue

Hi guys , I;m sure we've all seen it , been there and maybe even bought the t-shirt ,when It comes to  the fashion of this season : pastel and candy colors, and shiny vinyl and leather sepperates. All great staple pieces of uniform that everyone will have seen somewhere. Now I notice ,more recent fashion gives off more of a marmite sensation  than marmite itself.I mean I find myself , to this day, still never stepping foot inside Hollister and purchasing anything.

There's a lot of variation going on as far as I can tell , let's take a look at the Geek chic dresses .I see girls my age walking around in dresses going  past the knee and maybe even three quarters of the way down with sneakers and a leather jacket.I must admit , it's a trend I'd never be able to pull off myself , but for those that accessorise it well -pat on the back to you.We have to remember how style has progressed over the years ,this time last year , dresses were midi and short , playsuits were coming in and maxi dresses were fairly out . Length was out the window and it seems that now ,people aren't ashamed to wear a sporty accessory such as a pair of trainers with a classy and elegant looking dress.
I guess what i'm trying to clarify here is ,to be  in with the fashion or to look trendy ,does that  really matter?

Let's face it , putting it rather bluntly , if you wear a pair of Harem Pants now , people will look at you funnily , either that or people will think it's come back  and BAM , you're a trendsetter.But reality wised , we are judged on what we wear.And it's true , fashion can give you confidence;clothing is a supporting act .But some people  do  like comfort and keeping to the right side of sanity.
There's so much choice out there ,my advice is to take a long hard look in the mirror and think about what suits  you ,try not to look any older than you're age , or any younger .To look like yourself is the best thing you can do .I know , I see a lot of people nowadays who look about 18 , but then you find out they;re only 13-14 and it's shocking how times have changed.If you dress now how you were supposed to  be dressing later on in your life , how do you dress then ?Will you look younger , or the same ?
It's okay to be original , if you want to stand out that is .I think nowadays , there are a lot of people that seek attention , and so they dress differently and act differently , but that's just the way you are.Sometimes , you like what a certain person wears , and when you wear it , it appeals to someone else.It's important to remember they're not copying you , or cramping your style, it shows they look up to you , or aspire to look like you.And we all do it , I moan to my mum how I bought a pair of heels to wear and showed someone and they went and bought the same exact ones .I wanted to have something that people would like , but I don't want them to be able to wear it themselves.Truth is , that's just playing dirty and you can't stop people from wearing what they want.
The price you pay for a lot of stuff nowadays is shocking considering it's not vintage ,not  unique,not hard-wearing quality ,and the price you pay is pretty much just for a logo.And at the end of the day fashion should be about fun , you shouldn't be of any less standard or popularity if it just doesn't ride with you.Fashion used to e the thing that only few people were capable of , nowadays it's few that aren't capable of it.
I used to think I looked odd in tops and jeans  -perhaps I still  do but I just care slightly less.However i think my recent change of heart is not related to this.And so , I find myself wearing  them a lot of the time recently.Maybe that's just as fashionable as I am capable of being.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines day , with a bit of Montagne Jeunesse on the side

Hi guys, so it's come to it . The date I resent the most ,valentines day. Now I understand why those of you who look forward to it do but for us singletons it's nothing more than a constant reminder of how we are still not in a relationship.I can honestly say , that all through the year I won't care about not being in a relationship , then it comes to valentines and it feels god awful.So I guess Montange Jeunesse were feeling rather sympathetic towards me when I received a little valentines treat from them.

Just to rub it in , they even gave me a little message that read " A little something to help you prep for your hot passion filled date".This was genuinely quite a nice touch to my "valentines eve" sat watching A walk to remember , with ice cream and a face mask on .It was something along the lines of  bliss.I've tried this mask before and I think it suits the valentines theme perfectly.

It was the Pomegranate and Passion peel off mask , I think it's needless to say how   relaxing and soothing it was , all whilst smelling great.It was infused with raspberry,grape and cranberry and says to banish blemishes ,leave skin feeling fresh, purified,and primed.All things I want .I don't know if it has got rid of blemishes but the mask has made my skin soft and cleared blackheads.My skin feels pure and supple and smells kind of fruity.So I guess you can see why it has the "valentine" theme to the mask.

Let me tell you a little bit about the company:
  • All Montagne Jeunesse face masks can be purchased and are available nationwide at Stores such as Asda ,Superdrug,Tesco,New Look and Morrisons.
  • All of their products are vegatarian approved,made from natural ingredients and are Paraben-free.
  • Montagne Jeunesse is proud of it's uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for "conservation of energy,protection of animals and the environment
Now for those of you that have no idea what Paraben is ,I went ahead and did a little research for you.
Many companies nowadays use Parabens to preserve their products ,using these Parabens help reduce bacteria and fungus therefore the products can be used for a longer period. Paraben is  a chemical so It can be harmful to your body.
So Montagne Jeunesse DOES NOT use Parabens in any of their products , meaning these face masks are really healthy and  safe to use.

Anyway , I hope not to give any negative connotations towards Valentines day , and hope all those celebrating have a great day ! Embrace what you have yet to do , bills to pay and buy cheap tacky chocolate and flowers.If you feel like adding to the passion filled date , or you're lazy and still haven't bought a gift for you're loved one I would suggest investing in one of these masks as they are a real luxury to try ! click HERE.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Collection 2000 Fix me up make-up spray

Hi guys, so with summer gone , i suspect the dewy , glowy look to be slowly diminishing too.I have seen more matte faces now we're heading towards the colder more hostile months ,  to do with make-up -which to be honest I do prefer. But I admit at the time , i wanted my makeup to look a little more natural , and in order I strived for a more dewy face.I also needed something that was going  to leave my make-up looking fresh and fixed all whilst not being too heavy and compact on the skin. This review is on the Collection 2000 Fix me up spray .

  This was the dream a few months back , and up until recently I have been using it throughout.It's not the best fix me up spray , it doesn't last long but it keeps me going for as long as I need to usually. It help refresh and keep makeup looking a little more flawless but I wouldn't say the smell is amazing . In some ways you could say it's like a hairspray for your face .

My face make-up has been helped when using this product but I wouldn't say it does anything for your eyes unfortunately,as we can all be a little prone to anti-lasting eye makeup.
This bottle has a little spray dispenser in which the 18ml it holds sprays out on to the face as a mist.Not too much is needed for the whole surface ,however  there isn't actually a lot in this bottle of haze .
The costing comes as £5.99 if you were to purchase from Superdrug  which isn't bad.
Overall , I think I'll still be looking for a better makeup fixing spray but in the process of it , I will still be using this product , it's nothing bad but for what it's worth ,I would rather pay more and get a better result.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Betrousse Christmas beauty box review

Hi guys , today's post is on the betrousse beauty box. Now I've had a lovehate experience with this box. I'm always going to love receiving a betrousse box in the post as it's a great and exciting  treat at the end of the month but there are few times when the box isn't up to any standards that's it's supposed to live up to , nevermind mine. Anyway ,before I get of the subject let me tell you a bit about the company.

Betrousse beauty is a french company that specialise in monthly non subsciption beauty boxes for women .The boxes usually consist of more than five full size ,high end beauty products ,and accessories.The idea of Betrousse is for you to be able to have a look at whats in this months beauty box and if you like it purchase it and it will arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days.

The great thing about Betrousse is , the contents of the box will range from say a total of £75 to other boxes from £122 and they will reduce the price for you to pay to about £17 pounds depending on the box.However at the moment , there is a sale in which boxes are less than £10.To be completely honest with you, I don't see why anybody wouldn't want a Betrousse beauty box when they come that cheap.
First look at the box , it's meant to be a christmassy box but i mean there's nothing in there that sparks me as  "christmas".I think I'm gonna go in order of favorites to least favorite products.

Soin Hydra Expert hydrating and nourishing cream
I think this cream looks like it works and by a good working brand . It costs £34 for a 50ml tub and the tub looks nice and classy.Although I like the fact that Betrousse puts a lot of effort in to finding good cremes that work they do tend to base their boxes on elderly people . Almost all the cremes I get are anti aging and so aren't of much use to me.But another product for Tasaver's shelf I guess.

Skinetica anti blemish cleanser 
This is actually on of the best cleansers i have used. It really helps with my acne and calm down redness and spots. It's not that amazing at removing make-up however it does calm and sooth my skin making it feel incredibly soft and clear in the morning . I usually apply this at night after washing my face ,so basically use as a normal cleanser !

Montagne Jeunesse Dead sea mud spa mud mask 
Betrousse deffinately knew what my soft spot was , I absolutely love Montagne jeunesse Products. Their face masks smell amazing and do wonders for skin health.I have tried these fabric clay infused masks and they are really great and refreshing to use. I will deffinately be trying this in my busy week ahead for relaxation !

Belle Nigelle relaxing Massage cream 
I have found that this massage cream smells a little funny , but a moisturiser is a moisturiser , and it's what we need in the winter months. Suplements and vitamins from places that the sun can't offer!
This costs £16 and it was either this or the bath and Massage Oil by orient scents which i have to admit I would much rather have received.

Saffron london cracking black nail polish

This is another repeat from last months box which is a bit dissapointed , i probably wouldn't have minded if it was a different color though.

Tattyoo-Betrousse Tatoo
I don't think shocked even begins to explain my feelings when discovering this accessory costed £5.Honest , I don't think you'll be seeing me walking around sporting  a Betrousse Tattoo on my arm .

Forte Pharma Turboslim Chronoactive tablets
Considering I am not over weight I don't plan on loosing a lot of weight.The extra few pounds I want to lose will most likely be lost naturally and not by using tablets.They will be of no use to me or anybody in my family and I'm wondering  as to why they had to include this.

Overall this box came to £97 all reduced to £9 .I mean it's a good price but I honestly think that Betrousse's box just didn't have that sparkle this time and they generally could have done better .
Received from :

Friday, 18 January 2013

Maybeline color sensational 175 PINK PUNCH

Hi guys , this review is going to be on the Maybeline color sensational pink punch lipstick .In the shade 175.This is a step down from the vibrancy of what I usually get , mainly because my mother told me to tone down a bit but equally nice.
I am a real fan of Maybeline's color sensational line. I have been asked before when wearing their lipsticks what I was wearing as both the lip stick and the vibrancy last literally the majority of the day.

One thing about these lipsticks is the casing , to me they look slightly tacky in their fluorescent tinted  cases .But all the while the lipstick itself is elegant and professional looking.
The lipstick is very moistured , it has a matteness about it , but is also a shine lipstick to some extent. It's not super shiny so the color is quite heavilly pigmented which is a good way to make the lips look more fuller and bold  if you're going for  that effect.So the product doesn't dry out your lips which is also helpful !

I also love the smell of this particular lip stick . It's got this scent that's kind of on the edge of sweet and that's a great thing to take in when the product is sitting right under your nose. 
I found that when comparing this to one of my oldfound no.1 lippy's the Color sensational range again - :550 Cherry Candy that the pink punch suits me better and is more bright , vibrant and less shiny . 

This is what I consider a drugstore gem, and it’s definitely one of the best Color Sensational lipsticks I’ve come across in texture and consistency, as well.  It’s very creamy, which makes application a cinch, but it’s also incredibly pigmented. It applies sheer in one swipe but the color deepens in 2-3 swipes. Moreover, it is packed with pigments that warm up on contact with the skin and stain the lips giving long lasting color. On purchasing both lipsticks, I had assumed it to be one of those sheer hydrating lipsticks that lasts for 2-3 hours  but this one turned out to be a surprise package, and a very pleasant one too! The moisturisation as well the color stays for a long time and to remove the stain, you need  a makeup remover.

Top shade : 175 pink punch :compared to
550 Cherry candy
Overall , I think I'll be using this lipstick down to the rim like I did with the previous and then probably get the same if I don't find any even better .This range consisted of 24 shades and there will deffo be one to suit someone. But this sure as hell smudges easilly ! I got this from Boots for £7.19 .

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy Blogaversary!

Hi guys , well I was gonna wait till my one year blogaversary to say this but now I've reached my target ,I thought what they hell , I'll mention it now . 
That's right at the end of this month , Dreamreflection will be turning one year old !I feel like it was only yesterday I abandoned Hairgalore (my first ever blog- lasted a few months)and started cracking on with what I was really compassionate about.

After having a rather tiring 6 periods of school I got back home to find out I had hit 10,000 views.I feel like this is a HUUUUUGGGE achievement for me and am so happy to see it !I honestly did not think I would keep to  this long but I am so glad for continuing to blog.
This is a giant step for me and dreamreflection as if some of you remember dreamreflection only started off as Hairgalore which is the start of my blogging journey.I am very thankful for all my readers and all I can ask is that you keep reading what you enjoy to read .I want to say thankyou to  @amazing earrings  for the support and sponser this year and thank you to everyone that has entered the three giveaways I have hosted. 
I hope for dreamreflection to have a positive and prosperous year ahead , and I also hope to improve on my lack of posting , Sorry dollz ! 
Thanks again ! xox

Sunday, 13 January 2013

MAC Cremesheen Brave Red Lipstick

Hi guys ,I know its late but  I hope we have all had a very MERRY Christmas and a happy new year.If anything this time of the year is the time that family and friends have gotten closer.I am very blessed for my friends and family  and so to be able to celebrate and spend time with them is something I am very grateful for. If there's any post that has been awaited I think it is this one .A gift that my best friend got me that I am loving is the Mac Cremesheen brave Red lipstick.I have to say , it's a very bright red and personally I think it suits skin colors like mine on the darker side of fair rather than the paler skin colors.I know the bright reds are still quite in with the fashion,however it is a trending topic that not many people  were that keen on . I know a lot of my friends who say I wear lipstick too dark but I guess it's just about preference .

The name of this lipstick really does the product justice , it is kind of a brave color to go for .It's the shade Brave Red and the sleek and shiny casing looks cool too but I guess its just standard casing.

On to the texture, it's not a matte lipstick , yeh so there's a slight sheen to it but not mega shiny.And because of this , when it is applied to the lip it does go a few shades lighter.Looking at it in the light now it looks like a very dark pink.

What I like about this lipstick is that it moistured , there's nothing worse than dry lips .I think this color helps to make your lips look more fuller as your lips are gonna stand out with the vibrancy of the shade .It's okay for a little while , but the color is highly pigmented and as it's red the intensity will eventually fade when exposed to moisture , just like dying your hair red and washing it . So it's not very long lasting but I guess your good to go if you can reapply it regularly.

So this  costs £14  which is reasonable  considering how good quality the lipstick is , however I think I would buy a few more shades if it was a little more affordable .
Overall , I really liked this lip stick and I would thoroughly recommend it .
And thanks again for treating me to it Beth !xo

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hi guys , I have a few Ted Baker beauty products that I purchased so I thought I'd do a little haul on them.

False Eyelashes and Glue 
I've never really needed to wear false eye lashes seen as my eyelashes are already quite thick  and long (thankfully) .But i decided to try them out and I absolutely love them.They are double layered and winged and feathered.Though I would like them to be a little more winged. Despite the sounds of how amazing it is , I wouldn't wear them for no reason as they don't really look very natural and can look a bit OTT.The glue is really easy to apply , you just apply it to the brim of the false lashes and stick on the edge of your eyelash from your lid. 

Eye liner 
I really like this eye liner , it really enhances my eyes and makes them stand out . Though I've said I don't like glitter the glitterness looks really nice on my waterline.It's very long lasting and hard wearing too.

Eye lash curlers 
Pretty self explanatory , curls your lashes .Not really much to say but they're a pretty gold brassy color.

I'm not really that impressed with this mascara , it doesn't really increase volume or lash intensity or anything i want in a mascara.

Felt ended eyeshadow
There are three colors , pink , silver and a bronzey kind of color. They're all glittery and don't stay on for too long , bu they do look nice on. They're easy enough to apply with the felt tip ended applicator.They are very crumbly so be careful .

Oh and last but not least , some cute pink eyebrow tweezers !

Overall , I like having a selection of make-up brands but i personally don't think i'll be buying any more make-up from Ted Baker,I think I 'll stick with drugstore for now.


Hi guys , so there had been much hype on the tangle teezer recently so I thought I would go see what all the fuss was about . Much to my disappointment I went all the way to boots only to come across the Tangle Tamer. This looked like any old brush but to feel like I had actually bought something I went and bought it anyway. It wasn't too much of a mistake , after all it had it's advantages. 

The bristles are really close together and doubled for a more pristine and frizz free brush.It's like the old ouchless brush , in that it untangles hair without causing you much pain . But if you have really tight curls like me , then you'll notice it doesn't completely detangle your hair.It does make your hair feel very soft ,and it appears frizz free m, however it made my hair poofy :(

So I found myself on another trip to  Boots basket in hand , i picked up the TANGLE TEEZER. There was three types , the flowerpot , the cheetah and the original . Me , being a simple little hassle free job picked up the cheapest option , the original. This is sparkly and purple , two things i'm not too keen on.

The thing I think  everyone likes about these brushes is the fact that they are different.These paddles are perfect for people with big hands , but if you have small hands ,i'd say you'd find slight hardships in using it. Again the bristles are closely packed together to enable a frizz free and painless brush. I feel that this detangles better that the tangle tamer but the tangle tamer is easier to handle.My hair feels much softer when using the Tangle Tamer .Although , i get better volume when using the tangle teezer.

Anyway , I understand that this may all come across quite confusing , what with those "tangles " flying everywhere , so I conclude ...
The tangle teezer wins, for it's work and comes at a price of £10.99 from Boots. Click HERE  for an automatic transfer. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Body Shop shimmer cube palette 22

Hi guys , today's review is on a little eye-shadow palette I got from The Body Shop.This partic palette is known as the shimmer cubes palette 22.As you can see it consists of four shades.

  • 01-pure turqoise
  • 02-mint green
  • 03-silver grey
  • 04-forest green 

Each are separately cased and easy to use and handle.I would say all colors blend together nicely though they are a little too bright for my liking.

 It's quite compact so you can fit this anywhere dead handy.

So these little cubes ,each are equally shiny,and as I've said before i'm not a fan of that much shine .The darkest shade and the silver grey actually look really nice as a smokey eye effect.
They are easy to apply as they are really compressed but unfortunately that's about it . I mean they lay nicely on the lid , stay on for a long time aswel .(with a good eye primer )

So they are kind of party material shades but each could  be worn on their own for more simpler looks. Overall , I think this is a real cute eye-shadow palette but for the little it is , i think it's not worth how much you pay. But that's body shop for you , they are not exactly cheap.However, I think that's the price you need to pay sometimes for good quality make-up.I mean if you're really good with your eye shadow applying skills,or have plenty of time on  your hands to practice , with this palette you could pull off having a look like this .Click for enlarged view

There are several different palettes ,including more natural toned colors and more vibrant colors . And they cost £16 now after being reduced in the sale . So they're a wee bit pricey but good quality. 


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