Saturday, 22 December 2012

message to the broken-hearted

The subject that I can guarantee every girl gets any close to sensitive about ,is boys. This year has been very eventful.There have been many boys I have met and have been interested in , but probably we didn't end up together for the better. But the question is , do we as girls , need a boyfriend to be reassured we're beautiful?

Because we see it all the time , people thinking they're ugly , and that  they will never get a guy as all guys ever want anymore is the looks. 
Well that's not entirely true and deep down we all know that the guy that likes you for looks is a guy in a relationship you don't want to be in .And it won't last long , when he realizes ,the real you isn't caked up in make-up And the one that likes you for you is the perfect guy . Not one that changes around his mates but when it's just you and him , calls you beautiful and says he loves you.You need to know he means it .
I've had a very wierd  series of events the past three weeks .We'll keep it anonymous but here goes the story...

 A friend of mine has liked a guy for ages and he's liked her .Probably a little more than she liked him.Well long story short he never asked her out so she ended up getting with someone else but did still have slight feelings for him. --TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES.
Anyway , I made friends with this guy a little while ago and we actually talk a lot more than they do.And he's kind of over her but she's not over him . And they're kind of in post argument stage.If you get the situation ?
And now I'm in the place that no gal wants to be in .Taking sides,I get it , I've known my friend longer than him but I feel like she's in the wrong here.And well , we've been really close and good friends and yesterday he told me he likes me .Like , like likes me .MAJOR NONO.As I mentioned earlier I did want a relationship but I just feel like right now I just want to enjoy being single .And I don't want to ruin our friendship and make it awkward between us. I just wish he never told me. And as per with all this stress, I just feel the only way to get through it all , is well.. blogging it out.
So through constant times where I've said , oh I just wish I had a boyfriend , or ,look how happy he makes her, I want someone like him. Never in a million years did i think I'd turn down the lot.
The thing is , nowadays you can't be too sure if a guy likes you for you , or your butt.Trust me you can have nice "buns" and he may like to "ice " them but it doesn't mean he loves you.And don;t get disheartened if you're not as good looking as that one girl that always gets the whistles. 
There's the girl with the outer beauty who every guy thinks is damn well sexy and then there's the girl who has inner beauty who every guy dreams of talking to because she is such a kind ,caring person.And truth is , the one person he's gonna be thinking about is the person that makes him happy.Who do you think that is ?
And the quote of the day ?
"Love yourself and you will be loved 
Hate yourself and the longer it will take to find the good in you."

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