Friday, 21 December 2012

Real Techniques expert face brush

Hi guys , so this post is on the Real Techniques base face brush.I use this particular brush for sometimes concealer,but mostly foundation .I had heard a lot about these make up brushes and what I heard was that they were really good. So splashing out on the cash I bought three at once !The first one I tried was this one and it was pretty damn decent.

I'd say 99.9 % of the time it doesn't shed , i've washed it and it still doesn't shed. They are also amazingly soft brushes and I can't stop stroking them . The fibres are really good for spreading your make-up evenly and really covering up those blemishes.I'd say this is better for those with clearer skin as I don't think it's very good over those hilly spots or dents.As it's just a standard "blob" shaped brush it does tend to need a flat surface to give a flawless looking result.But that's not to say that with very spotty skin you can't get good results. like i've said before I have mild acne and it has covered up my skin really well .

Well , i have been using this a lot  less than I intended, as the next brush , THE STIPLING BRUSH ,is miles better than this.I personally think this brush deserves four out of five stars as it works really well on almost all skin types.
From BOOTS the costing is 

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  1. this is my favorite brush from real techniques :) it definitely deserves a high rating!

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