Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ice Diamond , Digital Wand Hair Curlers Review

Hi guys , so recently I was sent some lovely curlers by a companny called Ice Diamond.Now I originally heard of Ice diamond through my mums college and we purchased some straighteners from there.They were really good and I still use them to this day, I completely ditched GHD'S after finding out about these badboys and love using them so much.A lot of my friends also use Ice Diamond as I've told them many times how good they are for your hair too. So when these arrived in the post a little while ago ,I was so excited to try them , and this is what I thought.

"The advanced ioechnology restricts damage, reduces static and creates shine by closing the cuticle, locking in moisture, natural oils and hair color for total hair protection."

This is the digital curling wand , I've never used a curling wand other than standard so digital is kind of cool I guess.Obviously , for me , black looks the best so I'm glad I got it in this color.The logo's pretty cute too, it has a little diamond in there.

 So on the silver plate it basically tells you the temperature of the wand which is always good to know and you can increase and decrease the temperature too with the buttons .The buttons are pretty easy and evident to use, an on/off button and a + and - button .Everything about the curlers is pretty self explanatory .

And what I really like about them is that with it , you get a pair of gloves to prevent your fingers from burning, really helpful for me as I am always burning myself.I'm assuming they'd be ok to use for left handed people.Oh yay ,hi left handerz! (yes to the reference there).

So seen as my usual curlers are tongues I'm finding myself to be a little rusty on working the curls,but I'm getting there.Personally , I think tongues are easier to use as they hold the curl in place , whereas wands don't .(hence the need to use the gloves)
However,I think the wand makes really nice curls and the size of the curls can be different due to where on the wand you start curling your hair,which adds good texture to hair.
Overall , these curlers are really good and fairly easy to use .They cost £45.99 and heat up in just 90 seconds.If you would like to purchase or take a look at this product click HERE.

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