Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dorothy Perkins-Kardashian Kollection handbag

Hi guys, so have you all been to take a look at the new Kardashian Kollection Line at Dorothy Perkins ?I have , I am absolutely obsessed with the Kardashians and when I found out they had a new pop-up shop at the Trafford Centre I was quick to go take a look.

We all know that each Kardashian has an amazing style sense but i think most of you can agree with me when I say that most of their clothes aren't actually the type you would ever wear.
Well anyway , my sister went and got me a little present and it was one of their handbags.

And I absolutely love it , having something designer just makes everything about it seem more valuable -obviouly and more precious The great thing is , it's not really all that an expensive shop , infact they've made everything really affordable. This bag costed £45 and I love it !

so for town shopping trips we have a long chunky chain strap for easy handling and for city shopping trips we have the short handle.Both look very chic and very "Kardasianified".I find this bag is very hard wearing , and you can fit a lot in there .It looks quite small but is very durable and molds to the shape you need it to fit.However,there is a slightly bigger size in this same style and color for £55.
And to top things off  we have the plaque of honor right in the heart of the bag . In gold and makes it look that much more fancy.

So I think if you like the look of this bag go have a pop down to Dorothy Perkins and take a wonder,the
Kardashian kollection won't be there forever so get something while you can.
Unfortunately I've just found out on the website they aren't selling the bag I bought anymore as it's sold out
:(,they did this with the bag my sister purchased too.Oh well, take a look at the rest of the bags as they have all been reduced in price immensely and look pretty amazing too.


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