Saturday, 22 December 2012

message to the broken-hearted

The subject that I can guarantee every girl gets any close to sensitive about ,is boys. This year has been very eventful.There have been many boys I have met and have been interested in , but probably we didn't end up together for the better. But the question is , do we as girls , need a boyfriend to be reassured we're beautiful?

Because we see it all the time , people thinking they're ugly , and that  they will never get a guy as all guys ever want anymore is the looks. 
Well that's not entirely true and deep down we all know that the guy that likes you for looks is a guy in a relationship you don't want to be in .And it won't last long , when he realizes ,the real you isn't caked up in make-up And the one that likes you for you is the perfect guy . Not one that changes around his mates but when it's just you and him , calls you beautiful and says he loves you.You need to know he means it .
I've had a very wierd  series of events the past three weeks .We'll keep it anonymous but here goes the story...

 A friend of mine has liked a guy for ages and he's liked her .Probably a little more than she liked him.Well long story short he never asked her out so she ended up getting with someone else but did still have slight feelings for him. --TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES.
Anyway , I made friends with this guy a little while ago and we actually talk a lot more than they do.And he's kind of over her but she's not over him . And they're kind of in post argument stage.If you get the situation ?
And now I'm in the place that no gal wants to be in .Taking sides,I get it , I've known my friend longer than him but I feel like she's in the wrong here.And well , we've been really close and good friends and yesterday he told me he likes me .Like , like likes me .MAJOR NONO.As I mentioned earlier I did want a relationship but I just feel like right now I just want to enjoy being single .And I don't want to ruin our friendship and make it awkward between us. I just wish he never told me. And as per with all this stress, I just feel the only way to get through it all , is well.. blogging it out.
So through constant times where I've said , oh I just wish I had a boyfriend , or ,look how happy he makes her, I want someone like him. Never in a million years did i think I'd turn down the lot.
The thing is , nowadays you can't be too sure if a guy likes you for you , or your butt.Trust me you can have nice "buns" and he may like to "ice " them but it doesn't mean he loves you.And don;t get disheartened if you're not as good looking as that one girl that always gets the whistles. 
There's the girl with the outer beauty who every guy thinks is damn well sexy and then there's the girl who has inner beauty who every guy dreams of talking to because she is such a kind ,caring person.And truth is , the one person he's gonna be thinking about is the person that makes him happy.Who do you think that is ?
And the quote of the day ?
"Love yourself and you will be loved 
Hate yourself and the longer it will take to find the good in you."

Thanks for reading dolls!

Christmas list

Hi guys , Christmas is finally on it's way!I'm so excited .So with the boxing day Christmas sales I'm pretty sure the majority of places will be packed and everything will be reduced .This is probably the best time of the year to get really good deals and stock up on everything.My Christmas list is endless and I just cant wait to get everything.I'm really looking for some more clothes and a nice dress for a party a friend and I are having in January .I would also like some new speakers, a nice leather jacket and some Boots .If I'm lucky , some more make-up ! But i probably could make do without the lattter.

topshop  jacket -£58
boots tangle teazer -£10

So what will you all be getting for Christmas , any suggestions ?

                                   *images used in this post are not mine *

Friday, 21 December 2012

Real Techniques expert face brush

Hi guys , so this post is on the Real Techniques base face brush.I use this particular brush for sometimes concealer,but mostly foundation .I had heard a lot about these make up brushes and what I heard was that they were really good. So splashing out on the cash I bought three at once !The first one I tried was this one and it was pretty damn decent.

I'd say 99.9 % of the time it doesn't shed , i've washed it and it still doesn't shed. They are also amazingly soft brushes and I can't stop stroking them . The fibres are really good for spreading your make-up evenly and really covering up those blemishes.I'd say this is better for those with clearer skin as I don't think it's very good over those hilly spots or dents.As it's just a standard "blob" shaped brush it does tend to need a flat surface to give a flawless looking result.But that's not to say that with very spotty skin you can't get good results. like i've said before I have mild acne and it has covered up my skin really well .

Well , i have been using this a lot  less than I intended, as the next brush , THE STIPLING BRUSH ,is miles better than this.I personally think this brush deserves four out of five stars as it works really well on almost all skin types.
From BOOTS the costing is 

Montagne Jeunesse prickly pear peel off face mask review

Hi everyone , so it's a long time no post reference now.Yes , this is repeatedly the case with me but I'm so glad it's finally the holidays again so I can get my Christmas on ,and then wack a bit of  blogging in there somewhere too.

Today's  review is on another Montagne Jeunesse product I received a little while ago .What can I say about Montagne  Jeunesse face masks?I think they are amazing and work well on any skin type . They are something I use regularly and are so relaxing to use.Before we move on to the review , let me tell you a bit about the company.

  • All Montagne Jeunesse face masks can be purchased and are available nationwide at Stores such as Asda ,Superdrug,Tesco,New Look and Morrisons.
  • All of their products are vegatarian approved,made from natural ingredients and are Paraben-free.
  • Montagne Jeunesse is proud of it's uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for "conservation of energy,protection of animals and the environment
Now for those of you that have no idea what Paraben is ,I went ahead and did a little research for you.
Many companies nowadays use Parabens to preserve their products ,using these Parabens help reduce bacteria and fungus therefore the products can be used for a longer period. Paraben is  a chemical so It can be harmful to your body.
So Montagne Jeunesse DOES NOT use Parabens in any of their products , meaning these face masks are really healthy and  safe to use.

So this is the Prickly Pear peel off mask designed to create a shockingly juicy skin boost.First off the wrapping of the mask is very pretty , I don't know about you but I love these colors and I love the ingredients inside too.Prickly pear and Mangostean are used in this.You can really smell the sweetness of the mango and the pear is really strong. It's actually quite a nice scent which is useful considering you've got tons under your nose and splat on your face for around 15 minutes.
My face felt as though it was warming up a bit with this mask on which was a little uncomfy but it has softened my skin immensely. My skin feels clearer and more shine controlled.I actually feel quite refreshed and awake.

I think with peel off masks I have a mixed relationship .I find that i'm not too keen on how sticky and liquidy they are.I like the mud mask textures better as I feel as though I am putting another layer onto my skin.Whereas with the peel off mask I don'e feel as though i get that same amount of tightness as I would with a mud mask .However , I do love that sense of accomplishment when I get to peel off this thin plastic layer from my face.It feels as though I am ripping and taking out all the bad things from my skin.
So overall , I really liked this mask.I do prefer mud masks and I would have liked something more cleansing for my blackheads but it has helped me keeping my skin moistured but shine controlled at the same time.And hopefully by keeping your skin like this , the mask is actually doing wonders to the health and quality of your skin.If you would like to purchase or take a browse of any other Montagne Jeunesse face mask click HERE.
COST : £1.29 ONLY

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ice Diamond , Digital Wand Hair Curlers Review

Hi guys , so recently I was sent some lovely curlers by a companny called Ice Diamond.Now I originally heard of Ice diamond through my mums college and we purchased some straighteners from there.They were really good and I still use them to this day, I completely ditched GHD'S after finding out about these badboys and love using them so much.A lot of my friends also use Ice Diamond as I've told them many times how good they are for your hair too. So when these arrived in the post a little while ago ,I was so excited to try them , and this is what I thought.

"The advanced ioechnology restricts damage, reduces static and creates shine by closing the cuticle, locking in moisture, natural oils and hair color for total hair protection."

This is the digital curling wand , I've never used a curling wand other than standard so digital is kind of cool I guess.Obviously , for me , black looks the best so I'm glad I got it in this color.The logo's pretty cute too, it has a little diamond in there.

 So on the silver plate it basically tells you the temperature of the wand which is always good to know and you can increase and decrease the temperature too with the buttons .The buttons are pretty easy and evident to use, an on/off button and a + and - button .Everything about the curlers is pretty self explanatory .

And what I really like about them is that with it , you get a pair of gloves to prevent your fingers from burning, really helpful for me as I am always burning myself.I'm assuming they'd be ok to use for left handed people.Oh yay ,hi left handerz! (yes to the reference there).

So seen as my usual curlers are tongues I'm finding myself to be a little rusty on working the curls,but I'm getting there.Personally , I think tongues are easier to use as they hold the curl in place , whereas wands don't .(hence the need to use the gloves)
However,I think the wand makes really nice curls and the size of the curls can be different due to where on the wand you start curling your hair,which adds good texture to hair.
Overall , these curlers are really good and fairly easy to use .They cost £45.99 and heat up in just 90 seconds.If you would like to purchase or take a look at this product click HERE.

Dorothy Perkins-Kardashian Kollection handbag

Hi guys, so have you all been to take a look at the new Kardashian Kollection Line at Dorothy Perkins ?I have , I am absolutely obsessed with the Kardashians and when I found out they had a new pop-up shop at the Trafford Centre I was quick to go take a look.

We all know that each Kardashian has an amazing style sense but i think most of you can agree with me when I say that most of their clothes aren't actually the type you would ever wear.
Well anyway , my sister went and got me a little present and it was one of their handbags.

And I absolutely love it , having something designer just makes everything about it seem more valuable -obviouly and more precious The great thing is , it's not really all that an expensive shop , infact they've made everything really affordable. This bag costed £45 and I love it !

so for town shopping trips we have a long chunky chain strap for easy handling and for city shopping trips we have the short handle.Both look very chic and very "Kardasianified".I find this bag is very hard wearing , and you can fit a lot in there .It looks quite small but is very durable and molds to the shape you need it to fit.However,there is a slightly bigger size in this same style and color for £55.
And to top things off  we have the plaque of honor right in the heart of the bag . In gold and makes it look that much more fancy.

So I think if you like the look of this bag go have a pop down to Dorothy Perkins and take a wonder,the
Kardashian kollection won't be there forever so get something while you can.
Unfortunately I've just found out on the website they aren't selling the bag I bought anymore as it's sold out
:(,they did this with the bag my sister purchased too.Oh well, take a look at the rest of the bags as they have all been reduced in price immensely and look pretty amazing too.



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