Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Toni&guy Hair meet Wardrobe Weekend Glamour Hair spray

hi guys , I'M AWARE ! I've not blogged for ages but I've been so busy lately !Anyway ,let's get on to the review before I rant about how hard this coursework is to catch up on. So the next Toni&Guy HAIR MEET WARDROBE product I will be reviewing is the Glamour firm- hold Hairspray.

I tend not to need to use hairspray as my hair is pretty lenient with me and stays where and how I put it for as long as I want it to . But i figured I'd try it anyway.

I'm not very keen on hairspray because of how hard and rough it makes your hair feel , this partic hairspray didn't really make my unbearable but I still didn't like the texture my hair was giving off.
But enough with my downers , I thought this added really good shine to my hair and kept in place my curls.It 's actually a really nice smelling hairspray which is kind of crazy but with all of it's qualities in mind I'm going to give this product three stars out of five.
So if you're looking to buy this product Boots would be the best place to splash out for Christmas , as this product costs £6.39  ,which is ok but not when the can is only 250 ml (it hardly lasts ).So I think the best and more "efficient "way would be to buy the Hair meet wardrobe whole set which includes , A shampoo , conditioner, tousling-texturising  spray ,hairspray and spin pins,all carried in a beautiful bag.This way you're getting all these full sized products for £18.Which is most definitely a bargain.

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