Friday, 2 November 2012

Toni&Guy HAIR MEET WARDROBE Texturising Spray for the casual look

Hi guys , so how is this lovely Brittish weather going for you ?*sarcasm intended*

But anyway , less about the weather more about another exciting product I've got for you guys .Well it's another product from the Toni&Guy Hair meet wardrobe range. 

I've found the cleansing and detoxifying shampoo to be my favorite product out of the whole thing.It's really made my hair change an awful lot.It feels lighter and clean , soft and doesn't get greasy till after the third day,which is what every girl wants !

But I have to say the Toni&Guy Texturising Spray was a close second.It was mad, I went to bed after washing my hair and spraying with the spray, no drying , (air dry is the way)and when I woke up I had these gorgeous curls , but not ringlets or anything.I really liked this , so I went ahead and did it again the next time i showered, butusing less spray this time and I got really loose ,kind of crimped boho hair .I think this look suits me as I've got different tones of browns and blondes in the lowershafts of my hair in contrast to the darker browns at the tops of my hair .I find this product is lightweight and isn't sticky and easy to use , even on dry hair. 
It gives a rreally casual look and I think it' s a great product .You can purchase this fromBoots and for better value for money you can get the whole gift set for just £18.

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