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Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box Review

Hi guys , so today I have a rather prolonged and awaited but exciting review.It's on this months Betrousse Pretty Beauty,beauty box.
Let me tell you a bit about the company,Betrousse is a french company that specialize in monthly beauty boxes bulging with exciting and useful full size products at an immensely reduced price.For instance , this months box has nine products worth £122 at an amazing price of £19.For Betrousse there's no subscriptions and no catch .All it is , is every month if you feel like a particular box appeals to your tastes then you purchase it and will receive it within days. So what's not to like !


So I was  really excited to see that there was a range of different products which was a huge relief seen as last months beauty box did happen to have 3 anti wrinkle /face creams.When I got this at the doorstep I was quick to tear into it.Let's take a look at the contents!

 So Yves Rocher is a company i've actually heard about before but never actually purchased from .This is  one of my favorites in the whole box and it is the YVES ROCHER Organic refreshing gel cleanser.This is a 200ml squeezy bottle for £11.
Cleansers are often something I struggle with but I've found that this cleanser is very soft and gentle on the skin and has helped out my skin a lot. It's been good at removing my make up and refreshing my face.I'm glad to say I've not any spots the past three or four days *touchwood*.-hopefully it will stay that way.What's cool about this cleanser is that it's a gel so I think it works better on the skin at cleaning more of the surface rather than just seeping in your pores straight away like a normal liquid cleanser would usually do.It's completely natural so i think it's a very hardworking product.

Next is the Yves Rocher Sexy pulp Volume Gloss (pink).Ok , so I wasn't over the moon about getting a lip gloss , I mean they're pretty out of fashion now and not that amazing looking.But I thought it deserved a little more than harsh marking. So, one thing I really liked was it smelled amazing. Like i can't really define it that well but it's more of a sweet and flowery ,girly scent.I'm glad it's not super sticky !in fact it's not sticky at all so i might actually wear it when I feel like a bit of shine.It doesn't change your lip color that much ,it's just coming up quite light and sheer ,no actual tint of the lips are thankfully quite "volumy"already (i'm grateful !) so I don't really see any difference in the size or the pulpyness of my lips .This is a standard size lip gloss and costs £13.90.

  The next product is one I am generally quite excited to try , it's the Cupcake Organic Frankincense &Orange Day Cream which is one of two types of product you could receive,you would either get this one or the Blue Tansy &lavender Balancing Day cream, which sounds pretty nice.
So this is a 30ml tub costing £16 and smells very "zesty" but also quite "cinomenny"and If you are a common reader you'll know that I'm not too keen on the smell of cinnomen but this probably won't stop me from using it .If it's a day cream , i imagine it won't be a heavy cream , and won't be too moisturising so I reckon this will be good for normal or oily skin types.

Next is a producty I really don't have a lot to say's the Kesari Radieuse Anti-age cream.obviously my innitial thoughts was to give this to my mum seen as i wouldn't be finding any use in it but it's a shame that a £47 bottle has gone to waste seen as the pump is broken and I can't get any cream out :(

This next one is also a product I'm excited to use and it's the ESSYTA COSMETICS Body moisturising Lotion for dry skin.This is a 250ml bottle for £13.50 ,I don't have any dry skin patches at the moment but I know I'll definitely use it when I do.Even on my hand it's very moisturising and makes your skin feel soft and firmer .
The only thing I'm not so keen on is the smell , it's a little woodsy shall we say and it seems a bit natural due to it's "leafy " qualities .

And also  lets not forget one of the finest... Arganti Argon Oil.I honestly don't get the big fassination for argon oil.It's no better than oilve oil and that's saying something. I think if you use moroccan or maccadamia oil you may like argon oil ,but if you have been using oilve oil for a while you probably will want to keep at it. I know I will , through my Asian heritage I'll stick with the original stuff.It's oil , and it's qualities are exactly the same , it just sounds fancy.It makes hair shiny,less frizzy,conditions and makes her thicker and grow faster. This little antidote is 60ml and costs £10.

 And there's also the Vera Valenti Valetta eyeshadow -wow ,mamma taught this chick some grammer, that's hekloads of alliteration.
It's handy dandy and cute.These light and pinky/white shades are definitely me and I will  certainly be using them !this palette is available in either pink or Grey  and costs £2.

 Crack nail varnish is something I've always wanted to try but I usually stay away from nail polish in general , I'm just not the type and am not patient enough !Plus I don't have the nails for it ! But this Saffron london Cracking Nail Polish is included  too and I imagine will look great paired with the right base.

And last but not least  , Papier Poudre .At first I didn't really know what this was but it's actually really cute and quite a "gifty" idea.

 Inside you have oil controlling film of three flavors  White,Rose and Rachel (maybe not flavors There's 65 sheets in each booklet and all you have to do is rip a page out of the book when you feel a little clammy or oily and place on the skin.When you  remove it you'll notice the dark shade on the sheet is the grease from your skin, I think in the long run using these will prevent spots too as you're keeping your skin clear.It's great for after sport or if you're wanting to look pretty when you"jimmy ".

Oh hey , check me out in the limelight .So there you go , 9 full size products awaiting your call,if you like the look of this months box then check out BETROUSSE.COM. They really do an amazing job at putting together great beauty boxes and they're a great way to treat yourself.I think it's a great box as it's at an amazing price of £19.

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