Monday, 29 October 2012

TONI&GUY Cleansing shampoo for advanced Detox

Hi guys , hope you all had a great eid !I know I did , I probably also ate a little too much and am suffering the consequences NOW more than ever but that's probably the price you have to pay for having a little fun , eh ?
Well anyway , my brother bought me a lovely Eid gift and I'm loving it so much !It is the Toni&Guy Hair Meet  Wardrobe weekend gift set. I have to say I have loved using every single product this weekend.

 So this cute purse consists of :
  • TONI&GUY Cleansing and Detoxyfying Shampoo.
  • TONY&GUY Prep leave in conditioner
  • TONY&GUY Firm hold hairspray 
  • TONY&GUY Texturising Spray
  • Two Spin pins 

This review is going to be on the Detoxyfying shampoo .I find I don't usually ever gain anything from shampooing ,it's usually the conditioner that plays it's part well for my hair . But this time I beg to differ.
The whole idea with the detoxyfying shampoo was to completely clean out your hair of dirt and all that ,I mean it didn't look any cleaner than before but my hair did feel cleansed as it felt so light and fluffy and soft.It was such a weird sensation , I felt like my hair didn't weigh a thing.
So paired with my conditioner -any conditioner will do ! it was very softenning and a surprising twist to my hair health. But I am very satisfied with the results .

So I will be reviewing the rest of the products soon but if you like the look of this product alone you can purchase it at BOOTS however I do think it's better value for money if you get the whole set as all four products come together at a great price of £18 with spin pins and a beautiful make-up bag /purse.

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