Sunday, 7 October 2012

Razorpit Razor Sharpener AND GIVEAWAY

Hi guys ,today's review is on  the Razorpit rarzor sharpener I got sent a little while ago.Now I admit it's a little strange to be reviewing a razor sharpener but I guess a ,ot of people do use this way as a means of hair removal .
When you shave,we all know the hair grows back within a day or two and then you have to shave again.I don't know about you but this involves relentlessly popping down to Body care or Superdrug for some new razors every so often because they don't really last that long.I noticed that If you use a razor and it's all worn out it can be a bit of pain to shave.So when I received this in  the post it was a huge relief to try it,here's what I thought.

Inside you get a holder and a sort of sharprening pad.This easily slides into the middle hole in the holder and you're good to go.So basically you get your shaving foam or shaving product and just kind of lather a small amount on to the surface of the then get your razor and move it in the downwards direction along the pad .This should sharpen the razor and also clean it .You only need to do this once before you start shaving and do  it again when the razor wears out.

You have a front hole to store your razor  and another back hole to adjust the pad if needs be.This is quick lightweight work and easy to do.It helps to make your razor's last even longer and work miles better.It's a painless job too and does very clean work.At the end of the day you're saving and gaining so what have you got to lose ?

  There are instructions on the inside of the box if you do need help assembling it or figuring out how it works.It  also says that razor blades aren't dull they're just dirty.And this dirt and grime that you can't get out yourself will be removed by the Razorpit Razor Sharperner.

Overall ,this is deffinitely something I needed and I will be using whenever I need to . It costs just under £21 at so I know it seems expensive at the time but you can save buying extra blades as  you can get upto 160 shaves with one razor.I am also hosting a  giveaway for this product along with a secret gift so enter for a chance of winning HERE.

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