Monday, 29 October 2012


So ,as some of you have been able to see via my twitter ,-if you're not already following it's (@Dreamreflect123) I was lucky enough to o to see Nicki Minaj at her concert tour in the UK .I think it's safe to say she was amazing .And so were  Tyga and Misha B ;)
Anyway , as much as I would have liked to , I don't have any decent pictures ,though the videos did turn out better but not a whole lot , so I'll post a video for you to see anyway !

 So , some merchandise that sparked me , the concert top , baggy for pyjama use and the Roman Reloaded wrist band !I mean , they had all sorts of stuff, the "whip it "undies , the "bad bitch "vests.And through the piercing screaming and constant flashing and what with Nicki minaj herself being very late ,I woke up with the worstest post morning ringing and headache ever.Despite this ,I have to admit , the concert was immense.
As far back seated as I was ,it's most likely the closest to Nicki Minaj i'll ever get .So you know , experience and that . I'd like to say I'm a huge Nicki fan so it would have helped knowing all the lyrics to her songs.
Concert tickets weren't cheap but seen as the last concert i'd been to was the Tweenies live ,I figured I deserved a treat.

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