Sunday, 14 October 2012

KOKO -Misoou blusher

Hi guys , so today s a review on a product I got from a holliday to spain . No I didn't go all the way to spain for a blusher but I noticed there was a little boutique which looked very welcoming and was called koko beauty .When I walked in , first glances were those "ooh "and "aah " moments.The shop looked AMAZING.

 So first off ,I think it's safe to say that I didn't buy this product for it's looks . I mean I've sen better casings for  blushers and there were some really pretty cases on some other of the products.But when I tried this I noticed it went very well with my skin color.It's not a very pinky shade it's more of a roasted ,red kind of shade and   think this particular color tends to suit more tanned skin colors like myself rather than a pale and pink.I like how it goes on quite subtle looking and not minerally . I'm glad this doesn't have any glitter in it.Fed up of glitter !

So this blusher Is called Misoou and I think you'll have to go to spain to  find this koko shop.Which is a shame because honest to god , it was an amazing shop .

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