Sunday, 14 October 2012

KOKO Beauty Studded Powder brush

Hi guys , so another buy from KOKO Beauty.This is one of the koko powder brushes.And I think this is a cute and effective way to store and use your brush.

 I love this brush it's so pretty it's red , my favorite color so that's a definite yes.And it's dimanted ,usually I don't go for that kind of thing but on a brush it's unique.I love how this brush has a lid and can extend and whatnot.That way you don't get powder and blusher remnants all over the insides of your handbag .The few downers I have are  that the bristles aren't very soft ,it's  okay but I guess this brush was just temporary use for me.It also didn't spread the powder very comfortably on  my skin. I'm thinking more of an evenned out ,softer bristelled brush would have done the trick and more flawlessly .

 The bristles haven't shedded though ,so that|'s a good thing ! Overall I think it's a nice little touch to the average powder brush but  not a full time use accessory.

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