Monday, 29 October 2012


Hi guys , so it's a very technological day today  ! Well anyway , this post is on my kobo e-reader.No this type of e-reader isn't as well known as an e-reader but from what I've found from experience of the two ,is that this is probably the better of the two.

I was originally going for the cheapest version of the kindle , which wasn't touch screen and only had a wifi connection indoors. Pretty rubbish I know ,but what stopped me was how awful they looked for £120 !They looked like plastic , well that's all they were but it just seemed to look a little fake.So then ,I came accross the kobo , this looked miles better and the back had a nice criss crossy patter,It felt light -I didn't really make any comparisons with the kindle though.

I'm not big on numbers ,so i'm not sure how many books you can upload onto the Kobo but I know it's in 1000's so it's all good . You can change font size which is great for dyslexics like me and change fonts ,margins and all sorts. There's a huge selection of free books and cheap books ranging from less than 99p to very expensive books. There's every type  of genre to choose from and you can even borrow books from your library on it .

hahaha , i'm reading finale at the moment !Love it ;)
Anyway , I found this to be a really good purchase as don't forget it's touch screen too , with wifi , internet browser , paint pad and sudoku .

It's wireless with the exception of charging , which you have to do on the computer/laptop and you can sync to the library on you laptop too ,think of it as an ipod on a playlist.

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