Friday, 5 October 2012

Jewellery stand

Hi guys , so today's review is on my jewellery holder .I have to admit it's not a great picture but I couldn't get my camera to focus ,so sorry!
So recently my sister left for uni and I took this opportunity as an "borrow everything from her room that she left "challenge.So I understood that I needed a place for my bracelets to live and I thought this was the most stylish of ways.

I love this as it's pure white and fancy yet simple at the same time .It doesn't look cheap and tacky , well at least in real life ,and it's quite tall and sturdy.
Unfortunately I think it's not very suitable for little flimsy charm bracelets so I can't hang them up which is a shame because they tangle really easily lying around  in a jewellery box.
Overall I think this is a more different and nice way to spice up your bedroom and also to get things more neat and tidy !
 We  got this from the homewear section in Next but I'm pretty  sure you can get this from almost any homewear section !


  1. V Pretty! I love the teddy in the back ground ;) xo

    1. Hahah thanks ! It's My lifelong dedication to keep that bearr :) xo


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