Monday, 1 October 2012

Helen E -Blue eye liner pencil !

Hi guys , so I have a review on a product by Helen E for you today and it is the  Blue eye liner pencil.I'm not really one for colored eye liners but when Helen E were doing a gift set with foundation and concealer , eye liner ,mascara and two lip shades ! I couldn't refuse !So here is a review on what I thought .

Well, it's like I said last time , there;s not really much you can say about eye liner, It doesn't have a scent ,it just has to look good .So when I tried this it was summer,The right time to use this sort of bright make-up.I noticed that (on my waterline ) my eyes looked warmer and less wide . They brought out my brown eyes but I'm not too sure about the shade.I think blue , is too blue.I obviously can't get away with it and it's very vibrant and noticeable.I did ,however notice that it came on very nicely and stayed on for a long time without smudging ! So If anything , I think the colors not so great but the actual eye liner is .

So I think it goes without saying how well this product worked on me .It's a love hate shade but build a bridge and it's actually a really decent eye liner.So 5 marks because I'm feeling generous and happy for a cold autumn Monday . What do you think of this shade ? too bright or what ? If you like the look click HERE to take you direct to their site.

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