Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gift Haul :Sex in the City -Zeste

Hi guys , so this is another gift haul on Sex in the City Zeste ,well let's hope it's Zeste ecause I can't tell that clearly.Well I thought this looked even better than the Cherry Red version .
So let's look at the contents.

 This looks slightly chik and more mature than the last one ,as black usually does . I really like the bow on the perfume and the color scheme.I wonder if the scent is zesty ?No idea , well anyway we have >>>

  • 3 cylinder shaped sprays -different scents
  • one main zesty perfume
  • body lotion
  • shower gel

So I think these are a really nice gift for the girlier friends you have. They look really pretty and will smell amazing as I have had experience with sex in the city  perfumes before.Well anyway , like I said on the last review these are really good value for money ,I got these from an Independant store so odds are if you'll find anything like it ,it will be from the Perfume shop.

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