Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gift Haul :Sex in the city, Cherry red

Hi guys, did everyone enjoy the thunder today (if you had the pleasure of having this torrential rain )?Well anyway I've a haul for you today on some gifties that I'm get excited just by looking at them.The first gift is the Sex in the City Cherry Red collection. I mean there's big ,and there's maHOOsive.I love the color red and this just looks so attractive !SO LET'S CHECK OUT THE CONTENTS:

Okydoaky guys,not a very clear picture-I appologise but check out the tiny perfume !I'm assuming everything smells of cherries but you can never be too sure.
So in this box you get one main perfume , the biggen ,this is the one that is being sold quite a  lot nowadays in the Lust,Love collection ,-sure I've done a review of them somewhere .You then get a tiny cologne sort of perfume which is the tiny one shaped like the big one.Travel size !
The ,two  long cylinder ones are sprays but I'm assuming the green one will be a different scent.The squeezy bottle on the left :shower gel and the one on the right :body lotion.

I think these look great as they're so pretty and it's a great big set rather than the average perfume ,shower gel and body lotion set.You can get these from all sorts of fragrance shops and they're not very expensive either.For instance ,the Perfume shop.

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