Monday, 29 October 2012

Collection 2000 Cover up stick shade 13 natural Beige

Hi guys, it's been a while since i last blogged but I really haven't got round to posting .I've been waiting in on a few things that I need to review but hopefully I'll get the lot of them completed during my last week of holidays .

The first product I'm going to be revieweing is the Collection 2000 cover up stick.Now I'm not one for cover up sticks and concealers, they really don't do any justice to my face and don't help at all .So I know that there was no point in even trying .What tends to happen with me is because of my spots being quite "unflat "shall we say , it's hard for the concealer to cover them up as easily .But enough about me , let's see .
I decided to try this on my  cousin and found out that ,yes it covers up little marks (the lucky devil doesn't have any spots )and it's easy to blend in with the skin tone.It's very light and soft and helps a ton before putting your base foundation on for a more flawless looking coverage.
They only have three shades in this range and quite luckily I've got one perfect for me and it is the shade 13 Natural Beige .I got this from Boots for £2 only which I think is a huge bargain for the way it works. But unfortunately I won't be using it till my spots go down because you can tell how much I've been caked up in everything !

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