Monday, 1 October 2012

Amazing earrings -Part three vintage , mustache's and clusters !

Hi guys , so this review is on another pair of earrings by amazing earrings.This company sent me some lovely earrings to review and this is part three of my Reviews.So take a look at PART ONE and PART TWO .

On to the review :
So I really like the pattern of these earrings.Thye look sort of vintage-y and I have a love for peachy orangey colors,I think the peach ,gold and white contrast well together and look lovely for a spring-y look.They're a good size ,these ones tend to hang off the lobe a little but not too much .So I wouldn't recommend you wore these to school if you have to hide them because they don't hide very well.They look fancy and intricate and very mature.

The next earrings are the mustache and glasses studs.Recently the mustache' have been in fashion and quite popular in jewelery .Despite the fact I don't see how this is possible seen as they aren't very attractive in real life ,I do think they look cool and different. I on't know what it is about the mustache but  they give a quirky ,fun look .These are just some casual studs that I'll probably be wearing the most .

 The final pair for today's review is  the diamond cluster-y sort of stud.Now I know these aren't  really original and not so unique but they have a certain sparkle about them . Well that and they are dimantic studded.They're really girly and pretty and still quite casual so you could pass it off as an everyday stud.

They are all really good quality (touch wood) and I would really recommend you purchase some yourself.If you like the look of any of these studs or any from the previous posts then click HERE to take you to the website. There;s so many earrings to choose from just $2.49 -a real bargain so If you're spoilt for choice keep reading for more reviews on my favorite amazing earrings !

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