Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Amazing Earings Part 4- Owls , LV and more !

Hi guys , so this is my part 4 -amazing  earrings review .Amazing Earrings is a earring company that stock beautiful studs,drop and hoop earrings.I have been lucky enough to receive a range of earrings to review with you all So ,thank you Liselle !

First off , this was actually the first pair of earrings I saw,and the first I chose.I love Louis Vuiton as does my sister ,and I was quick to love it as it was such a cute design .I mean , it's very unique and stylish.I love the idea of the earrings being shoe's and with that little embedded LV you can't go wrong.At first glance I thought the jewels would look tacky but when I wore them I realised I was too quick to judge.The colors weren't too bright and the earrings are subtle enough for an everyday casual look.

Vintage . That's all that needs to be said ,well,that and that I love these earrings.I honestly love owls ,they're so adorable ! When I think of Owls I think of clever little creatures ,aren't they always associated with wisdom creatures ?Well they look kind of cool ,I love how they're really fat and thick plated.The dirty gold /black color really makes it look quite vintage .If anything I would have probably liked this pair to be a tiny bit smaller In size ,I didn't really like how much they hung off my lobe but that's just me !

Overall I really liked these two pairs of earrings and if you did to then how about checking out the website HERE.I think this is a really good jewellery website compared to many other ones as there is so much variety at such a good quality price at $2.49 .And if you are spoilt for choice keep reading for more part reviews !

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