Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Hi guys , so like I said yesterday being gifted by my brother the Toni&guy hair meet wardrobe weekendd gift set was a lovely treat and I have thoroughly enjoyed uding each of these products . If you would like to see the review of the cleansing and detoxyfying shampoo click HERE and read on for the review on the Prep  leave in conditioner.

Like many others , I can't really use leave in conditioners without normal conditioner as well so I tend to use any old conditioner , (at the moment Treseme Keratin Smooth )
I think the whole idea of leave in onditioners are quite helpful as you can even use them on dry hair that needs an extra bit of nourishment,

I think it's not as good as making your hair frizz free as it says it is..I have to admit though my hair wasn't frizz free it was softer and easier to manage .My curls were a lot less "strandy "when I left my hair to dry natural but there was still some aspects of frizz to be honest .
It's not the best leave in Conditioner , and I did put about a walnut size amount on  the lower shafts of my hair.

So you can buy this yourself from Boots on it's own but I do think it would be better value for money to get the whole gift set for just £18 , which includes a purse.

Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash

Hi guys , so I went into town a few weeks ago on the Hunt for an anti blackhead Neutrogena facewash when I stumbled upon this instead.Today's review is on the Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash.

This was designed to remove dead skin cells and visibly reduce shine all whilst fading marks and fighting spots since day one.I have to admit ,it sounds all glamorous and it's probably what made me buy it ,but it's really not worked as good as I thought it would do.

It's no secret that you're not supposed to exfoliate everyday but  I think with this product it's okay to use once a day as it's not a very harsh scrubber and won't inviggorate your skin ,Don't get me wrong ,it does reduce dead skin cells and get rid of dirt but it's not very "scrubbadubby."
As you can see it has a built in exfoliating spiky top ,this allows you to squeeze out the face wash and to apply to your face whilst brushing away the dead skin cells.I guess it's bound to reduce spots as it uncloggs the dirty pores and reduces the oils that create spots but it just hasn't had that effect on me for some reason . It has reduced shine though.
So the spikes aren't sharp and i've noticed that my blackheads have reduced so much and my pores have shrunk too.

Overall I think this product is a 50/50 I mean ,it's given me some great help but it hasn't helped me with some of the things it said it would ,so I think this product deserves three stars  and if you like the sounds of it you can purchase it yourself from Superdrug for £7.99 HERE

Monday, 29 October 2012


So ,as some of you have been able to see via my twitter ,-if you're not already following it's (@Dreamreflect123) I was lucky enough to o to see Nicki Minaj at her concert tour in the UK .I think it's safe to say she was amazing .And so were  Tyga and Misha B ;)
Anyway , as much as I would have liked to , I don't have any decent pictures ,though the videos did turn out better but not a whole lot , so I'll post a video for you to see anyway !

 So , some merchandise that sparked me , the concert top , baggy for pyjama use and the Roman Reloaded wrist band !I mean , they had all sorts of stuff, the "whip it "undies , the "bad bitch "vests.And through the piercing screaming and constant flashing and what with Nicki minaj herself being very late ,I woke up with the worstest post morning ringing and headache ever.Despite this ,I have to admit , the concert was immense.
As far back seated as I was ,it's most likely the closest to Nicki Minaj i'll ever get .So you know , experience and that . I'd like to say I'm a huge Nicki fan so it would have helped knowing all the lyrics to her songs.
Concert tickets weren't cheap but seen as the last concert i'd been to was the Tweenies live ,I figured I deserved a treat.


Hi guys , so it's a very technological day today  ! Well anyway , this post is on my kobo e-reader.No this type of e-reader isn't as well known as an e-reader but from what I've found from experience of the two ,is that this is probably the better of the two.

I was originally going for the cheapest version of the kindle , which wasn't touch screen and only had a wifi connection indoors. Pretty rubbish I know ,but what stopped me was how awful they looked for £120 !They looked like plastic , well that's all they were but it just seemed to look a little fake.So then ,I came accross the kobo , this looked miles better and the back had a nice criss crossy patter,It felt light -I didn't really make any comparisons with the kindle though.

I'm not big on numbers ,so i'm not sure how many books you can upload onto the Kobo but I know it's in 1000's so it's all good . You can change font size which is great for dyslexics like me and change fonts ,margins and all sorts. There's a huge selection of free books and cheap books ranging from less than 99p to very expensive books. There's every type  of genre to choose from and you can even borrow books from your library on it .

hahaha , i'm reading finale at the moment !Love it ;)
Anyway , I found this to be a really good purchase as don't forget it's touch screen too , with wifi , internet browser , paint pad and sudoku .

It's wireless with the exception of charging , which you have to do on the computer/laptop and you can sync to the library on you laptop too ,think of it as an ipod on a playlist.

TONI&GUY Cleansing shampoo for advanced Detox

Hi guys , hope you all had a great eid !I know I did , I probably also ate a little too much and am suffering the consequences NOW more than ever but that's probably the price you have to pay for having a little fun , eh ?
Well anyway , my brother bought me a lovely Eid gift and I'm loving it so much !It is the Toni&Guy Hair Meet  Wardrobe weekend gift set. I have to say I have loved using every single product this weekend.

 So this cute purse consists of :
  • TONI&GUY Cleansing and Detoxyfying Shampoo.
  • TONY&GUY Prep leave in conditioner
  • TONY&GUY Firm hold hairspray 
  • TONY&GUY Texturising Spray
  • Two Spin pins 

This review is going to be on the Detoxyfying shampoo .I find I don't usually ever gain anything from shampooing ,it's usually the conditioner that plays it's part well for my hair . But this time I beg to differ.
The whole idea with the detoxyfying shampoo was to completely clean out your hair of dirt and all that ,I mean it didn't look any cleaner than before but my hair did feel cleansed as it felt so light and fluffy and soft.It was such a weird sensation , I felt like my hair didn't weigh a thing.
So paired with my conditioner -any conditioner will do ! it was very softenning and a surprising twist to my hair health. But I am very satisfied with the results .

So I will be reviewing the rest of the products soon but if you like the look of this product alone you can purchase it at BOOTS however I do think it's better value for money if you get the whole set as all four products come together at a great price of £18 with spin pins and a beautiful make-up bag /purse.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick +swatch AND eye liner

Hi guys , the next review for today is on two products from natural collection.The first one is on the Moisture Shine Pink Orchid shine lipstick.
The first thing that struck me about this product is the smell.It's placed right under your nose so the way i see it is , it might as well smell lovely ,and it did.

The color is actually beautiful.The thing is , the shade  seems so solid and bright and a block kind of color but when you put it on your lips the quality is put to shame . It really doesn't really come on very pigmented. One of the downers is that it's really shiny and I do prefer the matte type.It's not very durable and for me it just wasn't a very good lip stick . It did moisturise the lips however. I got this from Boots for around £2 I think as well. Three stars for me . 

The next Natural collection product was  the Eye liner.I love eye liners but as I say time and time and again there's not much you can do wrong with it . I found that this pencil was easy to put on and stayed on for a long time .The line created  was very clean 
and easy to stroke and defined my eyes perfectly.It made my eyes stand out for under £3 again from boots.Bargain I think !

Collection 2000 Cover up stick shade 13 natural Beige

Hi guys, it's been a while since i last blogged but I really haven't got round to posting .I've been waiting in on a few things that I need to review but hopefully I'll get the lot of them completed during my last week of holidays .

The first product I'm going to be revieweing is the Collection 2000 cover up stick.Now I'm not one for cover up sticks and concealers, they really don't do any justice to my face and don't help at all .So I know that there was no point in even trying .What tends to happen with me is because of my spots being quite "unflat "shall we say , it's hard for the concealer to cover them up as easily .But enough about me , let's see .
I decided to try this on my  cousin and found out that ,yes it covers up little marks (the lucky devil doesn't have any spots )and it's easy to blend in with the skin tone.It's very light and soft and helps a ton before putting your base foundation on for a more flawless looking coverage.
They only have three shades in this range and quite luckily I've got one perfect for me and it is the shade 13 Natural Beige .I got this from Boots for £2 only which I think is a huge bargain for the way it works. But unfortunately I won't be using it till my spots go down because you can tell how much I've been caked up in everything !

Friday, 19 October 2012

And the Winner is ...

Hi guys , so I just want to thank everyone that entered my give away .Like I said in the review this was a strange product for a goveaway but you know, it's useful .
So , the winner is .....*DRUMROLL*...
Christina Marriot.Congratulations , christina !you have won a razorpit Razor Sharpening pad and dock worth £21 and a secret gift .So if you can take a look the secret gift is actually a girly treat.You have received a pair of amazing earrings from the post where I reviewed some ,and two lovely Montagne Jeunesse face masks, courtesy of Montagene Jeunesse.
I'm going to be e-mailing you so look out for it !
Thanks a bunch for entering guys , if you didn't win this time make sure to keep entering as I'm sure you'll have a chance in the future .
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gift Haul :Sex in the City -Zeste

Hi guys , so this is another gift haul on Sex in the City Zeste ,well let's hope it's Zeste ecause I can't tell that clearly.Well I thought this looked even better than the Cherry Red version .
So let's look at the contents.

 This looks slightly chik and more mature than the last one ,as black usually does . I really like the bow on the perfume and the color scheme.I wonder if the scent is zesty ?No idea , well anyway we have >>>

  • 3 cylinder shaped sprays -different scents
  • one main zesty perfume
  • body lotion
  • shower gel

So I think these are a really nice gift for the girlier friends you have. They look really pretty and will smell amazing as I have had experience with sex in the city  perfumes before.Well anyway , like I said on the last review these are really good value for money ,I got these from an Independant store so odds are if you'll find anything like it ,it will be from the Perfume shop.

Gift Haul :Sex in the city, Cherry red

Hi guys, did everyone enjoy the thunder today (if you had the pleasure of having this torrential rain )?Well anyway I've a haul for you today on some gifties that I'm get excited just by looking at them.The first gift is the Sex in the City Cherry Red collection. I mean there's big ,and there's maHOOsive.I love the color red and this just looks so attractive !SO LET'S CHECK OUT THE CONTENTS:

Okydoaky guys,not a very clear picture-I appologise but check out the tiny perfume !I'm assuming everything smells of cherries but you can never be too sure.
So in this box you get one main perfume , the biggen ,this is the one that is being sold quite a  lot nowadays in the Lust,Love collection ,-sure I've done a review of them somewhere .You then get a tiny cologne sort of perfume which is the tiny one shaped like the big one.Travel size !
The ,two  long cylinder ones are sprays but I'm assuming the green one will be a different scent.The squeezy bottle on the left :shower gel and the one on the right :body lotion.

I think these look great as they're so pretty and it's a great big set rather than the average perfume ,shower gel and body lotion set.You can get these from all sorts of fragrance shops and they're not very expensive either.For instance ,the Perfume shop.

Monday, 15 October 2012

My monthly favorites

Hi guys , so I figured that i haven't done one of these reviews before but I decided to try one now and see how it tiurns out .So this is my "monthly favorites" review.And these are just a few products that I have been using a lot this month or more the previous month that I think are really great and have been working a great deal for me . 

 So the first is the Keratin Smooth Deep conditioning treatment .It's pretty self explanatory but this is really deep conditioning in that it has kept my hair moistured and healthy .Shiny , smooth and frizz free !It's not as much as a miracle worker as I'm sounding it out to be but it's close to it in that it only  takes a couple of regular uses for you to see the full results.And using this on a regular basis ensures healthy hair growth is what I have found when using this product .My hair has has grown at least half an inch and it's only been half a month .And I can tell and other people have been telling me this too which is great news to hear !

 Razorpit Razor Sharpening pad and docking station. This is a pretty offbeat  but really helpful product . I got sent this from the campaign so It'definitely  not something I would have thought of buying in the first place but I'm glad I got sent it because it's genius. My razors have lasted ages with this sharpening pad and the dock is great for storing my razors too .It's so practical and easy to make and use .It helps to give you a really close but painless shave and helps neat work because it's been cleans in places you can't clean yourself.Personally I think it's a wee bit pricey at £21 but If you would like a chance of winning one of these enter my giveaway HERE.

So a mattifying foundation is what you need if you're prone to spots ,black/white heads and acne .And I would know through trial and error.I used to use sheer foundations,ones that made your skin "glow "and basically add so much crap to your face and I noticed that my face was getting way to moistured for my liking .-including moisturiser .And then when I removed my make-up I kept getting spots and so I went for a mattifying foundation when my spots had cleared up and this had much better results .I mean it doesn't make  me glow but it doesn't give me spots either.


Well , I went and good another bottle of this good old scrub.It was amazing and I just had to get another so I'm currently using this face scrub at night to exfoliate and the matching face wash in the mornings ,which I will soon review and I have been getting really good results .My face is much ,clearer and I have reduced blackheads ,which is great .

And last but not least , I have been using this not so often but I probably use it once in a blue moon because I don't need to use it as often.The Garnier Summerbody moisturising Lotion Sunkissed Look.
This gradually builds a self tan and moisturises at the same time. I allready have quite tanned skin everywhere but my legs ,simply because I'm not really one for shorts , I tend to wear tights a lot of time so my legs aren't exactly int the sun most of the time , so as you can expect my legs are as pale as milk bottles and it looks really strange because i'm actually very brown .So this has made my legs look a normal color and healthy looking .I'm sorry but white is dead and so this is quite effective as it works really well and fast and smells lovely too . 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

KOKO Beauty Studded Powder brush

Hi guys , so another buy from KOKO Beauty.This is one of the koko powder brushes.And I think this is a cute and effective way to store and use your brush.

 I love this brush it's so pretty it's red , my favorite color so that's a definite yes.And it's dimanted ,usually I don't go for that kind of thing but on a brush it's unique.I love how this brush has a lid and can extend and whatnot.That way you don't get powder and blusher remnants all over the insides of your handbag .The few downers I have are  that the bristles aren't very soft ,it's  okay but I guess this brush was just temporary use for me.It also didn't spread the powder very comfortably on  my skin. I'm thinking more of an evenned out ,softer bristelled brush would have done the trick and more flawlessly .

 The bristles haven't shedded though ,so that|'s a good thing ! Overall I think it's a nice little touch to the average powder brush but  not a full time use accessory.

KOKO -Misoou blusher

Hi guys , so today s a review on a product I got from a holliday to spain . No I didn't go all the way to spain for a blusher but I noticed there was a little boutique which looked very welcoming and was called koko beauty .When I walked in , first glances were those "ooh "and "aah " moments.The shop looked AMAZING.

 So first off ,I think it's safe to say that I didn't buy this product for it's looks . I mean I've sen better casings for  blushers and there were some really pretty cases on some other of the products.But when I tried this I noticed it went very well with my skin color.It's not a very pinky shade it's more of a roasted ,red kind of shade and   think this particular color tends to suit more tanned skin colors like myself rather than a pale and pink.I like how it goes on quite subtle looking and not minerally . I'm glad this doesn't have any glitter in it.Fed up of glitter !

So this blusher Is called Misoou and I think you'll have to go to spain to  find this koko shop.Which is a shame because honest to god , it was an amazing shop .

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Hi guys, so this is a giveaway on the Razorpit Razor Sharpeners that I reviewed earlier.If you would like to check the review click HERE.
By entering this giveaway you have a chance of winning this Razor sharpener and with it a secret gift which will only be revealed once you've won.The rules hat apply are the same as last time in that :
  • This competition is open for UK and Ireland viewers ONLY
  • Follow my blog 
  • leave a comment with your name and email address ( or tweet me a message on twitter @Dreamreflect123)

So good luck to everyone !
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Razorpit Razor Sharpener AND GIVEAWAY

Hi guys ,today's review is on  the Razorpit rarzor sharpener I got sent a little while ago.Now I admit it's a little strange to be reviewing a razor sharpener but I guess a ,ot of people do use this way as a means of hair removal .
When you shave,we all know the hair grows back within a day or two and then you have to shave again.I don't know about you but this involves relentlessly popping down to Body care or Superdrug for some new razors every so often because they don't really last that long.I noticed that If you use a razor and it's all worn out it can be a bit of pain to shave.So when I received this in  the post it was a huge relief to try it,here's what I thought.

Inside you get a holder and a sort of sharprening pad.This easily slides into the middle hole in the holder and you're good to go.So basically you get your shaving foam or shaving product and just kind of lather a small amount on to the surface of the pad.you then get your razor and move it in the downwards direction along the pad .This should sharpen the razor and also clean it .You only need to do this once before you start shaving and do  it again when the razor wears out.

You have a front hole to store your razor  and another back hole to adjust the pad if needs be.This is quick lightweight work and easy to do.It helps to make your razor's last even longer and work miles better.It's a painless job too and does very clean work.At the end of the day you're saving and gaining so what have you got to lose ?

  There are instructions on the inside of the box if you do need help assembling it or figuring out how it works.It  also says that razor blades aren't dull they're just dirty.And this dirt and grime that you can't get out yourself will be removed by the Razorpit Razor Sharperner.

Overall ,this is deffinitely something I needed and I will be using whenever I need to . It costs just under £21 at http://www.razorpit.com/checkout/cart/ so I know it seems expensive at the time but you can save buying extra blades as  you can get upto 160 shaves with one razor.I am also hosting a  giveaway for this product along with a secret gift so enter for a chance of winning HERE.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Jewellery stand

Hi guys , so today's review is on my jewellery holder .I have to admit it's not a great picture but I couldn't get my camera to focus ,so sorry!
So recently my sister left for uni and I took this opportunity as an "borrow everything from her room that she left "challenge.So I understood that I needed a place for my bracelets to live and I thought this was the most stylish of ways.

I love this as it's pure white and fancy yet simple at the same time .It doesn't look cheap and tacky , well at least in real life ,and it's quite tall and sturdy.
Unfortunately I think it's not very suitable for little flimsy charm bracelets so I can't hang them up which is a shame because they tangle really easily lying around  in a jewellery box.
Overall I think this is a more different and nice way to spice up your bedroom and also to get things more neat and tidy !
 We  got this from the homewear section in Next but I'm pretty  sure you can get this from almost any homewear section !

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Amazing Earings Part 4- Owls , LV and more !

Hi guys , so this is my part 4 -amazing  earrings review .Amazing Earrings is a earring company that stock beautiful studs,drop and hoop earrings.I have been lucky enough to receive a range of earrings to review with you all So ,thank you Liselle !

First off , this was actually the first pair of earrings I saw,and the first I chose.I love Louis Vuiton as does my sister ,and I was quick to love it as it was such a cute design .I mean , it's very unique and stylish.I love the idea of the earrings being shoe's and with that little embedded LV you can't go wrong.At first glance I thought the jewels would look tacky but when I wore them I realised I was too quick to judge.The colors weren't too bright and the earrings are subtle enough for an everyday casual look.

Vintage . That's all that needs to be said ,well,that and that I love these earrings.I honestly love owls ,they're so adorable ! When I think of Owls I think of clever little creatures ,aren't they always associated with wisdom creatures ?Well they look kind of cool ,I love how they're really fat and thick plated.The dirty gold /black color really makes it look quite vintage .If anything I would have probably liked this pair to be a tiny bit smaller In size ,I didn't really like how much they hung off my lobe but that's just me !

Overall I really liked these two pairs of earrings and if you did to then how about checking out the website HERE.I think this is a really good jewellery website compared to many other ones as there is so much variety at such a good quality price at $2.49 .And if you are spoilt for choice keep reading for more part reviews !

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

garnier fructis Sleek and Shine Frizz tamer Shampoo

Hi guys ,today's review is on a new shampoo I tried a while ago called Garnier Fructis Sleek and shine (frizz tamer )shampoo.It's just gonna be a short and snappy review today as I'm really not feeling too high,honest I have the "worstest" headache ever :(
On to the review :

So this shampoo smelled really nice , I think it has avacado and some other citrusy extract in it ,either that or it's just the scent. Avacado is generally good for the hair so I don't see where you could go wrong with the ingredient aspect of this shampoo.This shampoo was designed to tame frizz and to make it more sleek.I found that my hair wasn't any less frizzy but it did have some shine.I was a bit disappointed about it not making my hair as sleek as I expected it to turn out but I guess this product doesn't work out on frizzball heads like me !

So overall I think this product deserves a three star rating , it doesn't have the best of qualities but I guess it's ok for a bit of shine and a temporary shampoo.You can get this product from Boots ,Superdrug Asda , Sainsburry's and Tesco .From as little as £2.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Helen E -Blue eye liner pencil !

Hi guys , so I have a review on a product by Helen E for you today and it is the  Blue eye liner pencil.I'm not really one for colored eye liners but when Helen E were doing a gift set with foundation and concealer , eye liner ,mascara and two lip shades ! I couldn't refuse !So here is a review on what I thought .

Well, it's like I said last time , there;s not really much you can say about eye liner, It doesn't have a scent ,it just has to look good .So when I tried this it was summer,The right time to use this sort of bright make-up.I noticed that (on my waterline ) my eyes looked warmer and less wide . They brought out my brown eyes but I'm not too sure about the shade.I think blue , is too blue.I obviously can't get away with it and it's very vibrant and noticeable.I did ,however notice that it came on very nicely and stayed on for a long time without smudging ! So If anything , I think the colors not so great but the actual eye liner is .

So I think it goes without saying how well this product worked on me .It's a love hate shade but build a bridge and it's actually a really decent eye liner.So 5 marks because I'm feeling generous and happy for a cold autumn Monday . What do you think of this shade ? too bright or what ? If you like the look click HERE to take you direct to their site.

Amazing earrings -Part three vintage , mustache's and clusters !

Hi guys , so this review is on another pair of earrings by amazing earrings.This company sent me some lovely earrings to review and this is part three of my Reviews.So take a look at PART ONE and PART TWO .

On to the review :
So I really like the pattern of these earrings.Thye look sort of vintage-y and I have a love for peachy orangey colors,I think the peach ,gold and white contrast well together and look lovely for a spring-y look.They're a good size ,these ones tend to hang off the lobe a little but not too much .So I wouldn't recommend you wore these to school if you have to hide them because they don't hide very well.They look fancy and intricate and very mature.

The next earrings are the mustache and glasses studs.Recently the mustache' have been in fashion and quite popular in jewelery .Despite the fact I don't see how this is possible seen as they aren't very attractive in real life ,I do think they look cool and different. I on't know what it is about the mustache but  they give a quirky ,fun look .These are just some casual studs that I'll probably be wearing the most .

 The final pair for today's review is  the diamond cluster-y sort of stud.Now I know these aren't  really original and not so unique but they have a certain sparkle about them . Well that and they are dimantic studded.They're really girly and pretty and still quite casual so you could pass it off as an everyday stud.

They are all really good quality (touch wood) and I would really recommend you purchase some yourself.If you like the look of any of these studs or any from the previous posts then click HERE to take you to the website. There;s so many earrings to choose from just $2.49 -a real bargain so If you're spoilt for choice keep reading for more reviews on my favorite amazing earrings !


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