Friday, 28 September 2012

Orhis ,nourishing face cream

Hi guys , I have to say ,the weather in Englands been pretty miserable lately hasn't it ?That's Autumn for you!Anyway , I was looking through my messages yesterday and I realized I had a request to do a review on the Orhis Nourishing Face Cream from My Betrousse Beauty Box review.I apologies , I'm really sorry; I completely forgot about it but I will do it now for you :)

Check the bottle of this thing. It's like so strange but I think it does it justice , I mean the writing on the front is in French but don't let that boggle your mind too much because the writing's in English too.Orhis is obviously a french company and they have specialized this cream to be 99.1 % natural. Well , I guess we can't all be perfect ! I found this nourishing cream to be very nourishing , in fact I think there must have been a little too much Argon oil int here as my skin got very oily and I started to get little tiny grease spots.
 They're not that bad they're just them little ones that pop and go within a day or two but it's still not very ideal.My face was kept very soft and healthy though.I don't know what the Cottonseed was for or what it was doing but maybe it had some aspect to do with the anti wrinkle formula.Ok , so I read in one of the booklets that this was also a Anti -Wrinkle cream ,this kind of stopped me in my tracks,I'm only 14 ,I'm pretty sure I don't wrinkle .So I've stopped using this cream now because no good ever comes from underageness , and I believe that Anti Wrinkle solutions should be used when you've hit the twenty age mark , but hey "call me crazy "just a thought.

So overall , this product was a little too moisturisng , it's probably best for dry skin and people that are slightly older and I think it's a little pricey for the 50ml's it is at 40 euros .You can take a look at any other creams they do or purchase this one HERE.

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