Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Monatgne Jeunesse week 4 -Glorious sunny summer skin Very berry moisturising face mask

Hi guys , so a while ago Montagne Jeunesse -a face mask company sent me a four week face mask regime called "Glorious sunny summer skin ".I have found all of these masks to be a delight to review as they have worked amazingly on my skin .I just love Montagne Jeunesse's products as they smell amazing .Well week 1 was an anti blemish mud mask ,week 2 was a cucumber peel off mask ,week 3 was a iced crystal and spearmint exfoliating scrub mask and this week's review is on the Very Berry Ultra Moisturisng and  cleansing face mask.(hover over for reviews )

First let me tell you a bit about the companny :

  • All Montagne Jeunesse face masks can be purchased and are available nationwide at Stores such as 
  • Asda ,Superdrug,Tesco,New Look and Morrisons.
  • All of their products are vegatarian approved,made from natural ingredients and are Paraben-free.
  • Montagne Jeunesse is proud of it's uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for "conservation of energy,protection of animals and the environment.
Now for those of you that have no idea what Paraben is ,I went ahead and did a little research for you.
Many companies nowadays use Parabens to preserve their products ,using these Parabens help reduce bacteria and fungus therefore the products can be used for a longer period. Paraben is  a chemical so It can be harmful to your body.
So Montagne Jeunesse DOES NOT use Parabens in any of their products , meaning these face masks are really healthy and  safe to use .

I was really looking forward to trying this mask.Mainly for the smell because this mask contained ,blueberries and cranberries .This smelled absolutely amazing !From the moment I put it on till I went to bed -which was a good three to four hours the smell lingered .It wasn't too strong a scent but it was lovely and light.
What I also loved about this mask was the color .It came on my face as such a bright purple .

When I washed it off (after about 20 mins ) my face felt soft ,not amazingly soft but just ,moistured enough.I think it's also lifted some of my blackheads which is really good.My skin is glowing as usual after using a ,Montagmne Jeunesse mask and I can probably get another use out of this mask .
Overall I think this was a great mask ,an even better mask for those of you with dry skin and it was a good  expected finish to the face mask regime.

If you would like to purchase this or any other Monatagne Jeunesse face mask for only £1.09 click HERE .Or you can always pick up a few of these from Tesco ,New look ,Asda and Superdrug .


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Iqraa xx


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