Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ice diamond Straighteners -newer version

Hi guys , well my previous Ice Diamond straightener died *cries*.Well anyway ,I seriously used to think that GHD 's where the way to go till I found these badboy's !But when they broke I decided to get another seen as I wasn't really feeling like using Ghd's again.
I actually liked the pattern of the previous straightEners I got , personally black and bedazzled looks kind of cheap and tacky but oh well.

What I really like about these straighteners is how they have a change the heat thingy- me-bobs,you can change the heat of the straightener coming through the ceramic from 0 deg to 232deg -this is such a good thing as you don't have to be using the maximum temperature if you don't need it and less frazzle of your hair ;)

These are also really quick as to reach  the hottest temperature  at 230deg  it only takes less than  ten seconds ,though at the heat I like to use it around 170 -190 it only takes about five seconds for them to be ready .The advanced ionic technology restricts damage , reduces static and creates shine by closing the cuticle , locking in moisture,natural oils and hair color for natural hair protection.All of this is absolutely perfect for everyone !Talk about snap judgement .

These turned out to work miles better than I first thought they would .If you would like to purchase an Ice diamond straightener yourself click HERE for various styles and colors .I think these are definitely worth the hassle as they are only around £70 for proper  professional  results I'd say it's worth it .

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