Friday, 28 September 2012

Amazing Earrings review-Part 2 ,love hearts

Hi guys , so this is my part 2 of My amazing earrings review.A week ago I received some really lovely earrings at the doorstep and I have already reviewed two of my favorite out of the lot HERE.The next two I'm reviewing are ones that I've been wearing at school .
The first review is on the Hearts in Heart earrings.(The ones on the left.)I love these earrings as,they are really pretty and casual . They're not bright and vibrant which is definitely something I can pass at school .But it's also very subtle and simple looking as well as being beautiful.I love hearts ,and I always seem to be buying this sort of shape .They are dimantic too ,so what's not to love?

 Ok ,so following on for my love for hearts I went and bought a similar pair.I really like this pair as though it is a heart shape it looks sort of unique to me.Probably because it has no center and looks more borderlike. I actually think these look pretty cool .They're studded and the yellow and black flowers ,at first glance I actually thought they were bumble bees  ,I'm happy they weren't !
These are great to wear casually ,and I will definitely be putting my hair up when I wear these.

So what do you think ?If you would like to look at any more amazing earrings , then click HERE to take you to the website.If you are again , spoilt for choice keep reading for regular reviews on my faves .All the AMAZING EARRINGS  ,STUD EARRINGS,DROP EARRINGS and HOOP EARRINGS are at a fantastic price of $2.49.And they are very good quality too ,not the cheap nasty rubbish you tend to get.SO i would thoroughly recommend you take a look.

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