Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Amazing Earrings -Part One Venetian and Dragonfly..

Hi guys .A little while  ago I received a package from Amazing Earrings.I am going to be doing a review on  one or two of their earrings daily .And how better to start than with my favorite of the lot?
I picked these Venetian Face mask earrings as they just struck me as different.They really stood out and I thought they were cute .They look very theatrical and bright ,two things I love.Another good thing about these are they don't hang off the lobe but they aren't invisible little studs either.They're not heavy , I know from the looks they look quite heavy but they're not.

 My second favourite are these butterfly or dragonfly earrings .I'm not sure which insect it is but they look beautiful.I really like these colors together- you wouldn't think that theyd go well together but they really do.The middle section has little diamonds which make it so much prettier .I just ;like how these look simple but extravagant at the same time.

So they are both very pretty ,girly earrings and I can't wait to find an excuse to wear them all .I think these would make great gifts too .They're completely affordable at $2.49 each which I think is a really good price.And also they look like really good quality too .So if you would like to buy any of these earrings or any  other types click HERE to take you to Liselle's website.
And if you really are spoilt for choice keep tuning in daily for more reviews on my choice of the earrings and how I thought they looked on me .

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