Sunday, 30 September 2012

17 Miracle Matte Foundation

Hi guys , this review is on a new foundation I purchased about two weeks ago .I've been wanting to review this since I got it and I finally can .So for a while now I've been using Rimmels wake me up foundation -click HERE for a review ,it was really good but until recent I noticed when I removed my makeup I'd have tons of spots.Which was obviously really annoying .So I set out to find an oil free foundation.I ended up going through a few isles in Boots but I picked up 17's Miracle Matte Natural Foundation.

I never have used any 17 foundations before so this was a new product for me. One of my downers is that the Bottle is tiny  .It literally goes up to the bottom of the lid which is really small.I really liked how soft and satinny this felt on my skin . It also felt weightless and light .I got the shade Natural as this was the best for my skin tone.The problem with this range for me was that the shades weren't very varied.They kind of just had a few main shades and that was it ,so I didn't match my skin color up perfectly I probably got it a little lighter as I prefer to use a lighter shade.This wasn't too mattifying ,it definitely wasn't oily or gave a dewy glowy kind of look.It just made an ok base for the rest of my makeup which is all I wanted in the first place.I'm still a bit curious as to the 16 hours though , I don't think it necessarily lasts longer than eight hours unless you put on a few layers.It didn't cover my scars up very well which I wasn't expecting.It's a bit of a shame realy because I'm gonna have to layer it up until my scars and redness clear up.

So overall I'm kind of hit and miss with this product . Yes, It's not making any spots come out, it's controlling shine and is oil free but I was expecting at least semi- flawlessness if you get what I mean . This would probabbly have gotten higher marks If it covered up a little better and  actually stayed on for longer.I'm gonna mark this product 4 stars as even though it had a few Dream Reflection Downers I really like he feel it has to it .You can get this from Boots for £5.99.

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