Sunday, 5 August 2012

T.Y.A Fashion Make-up Kit

Hi guys,this post is on the T.Y.A Fashion make-up kit.This type of palette is unknown to some so I thought I  would do a review on it.This palette is great for on the go as it opens up to it's full size and is quite compact otherwise.

This palette contains 48 shades going from quite natural colours to some very vibrant reluctant looking shades.These eye shadows are actually really soft and powdery .They come quite thick on the brush so it doesn't need layering on .What's really cute is that on each shade there's a little flower print indented into each ,I just thought this made it unique and really pretty.

What I didn't realise was that another palette slides out from underneath.In this you receive two powder foundations,one light and one slightly darker.You then get two powder blushes of different shades of pink and 6 completely different shades of  cream lip colour.I don't really like cream lip colour but I guess it's ok for those that do.I think this palette is great for everybody as it concidders different shades for the foundation,blush and lips.

 My clumsy stupid self lost the make-up pad but in this space you got a sponge to apply the foundation with,like I said earlier this is perfect for on the go or leaving in the car for emergencies.Ooh and I almost forgot,you get an ok size mirror at the top to help !
Overall I really like the idea of this palette and its great for temporary use but I don't think the quality of the make up is he best.Sure it's great for emergencies but I wouldn't apply this everyday.(excluding the eye shadows )
This product deserves three and a half stars as it's just not that perfect a product but with a couple of tweaks it could be !


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