Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Superdrug Foundation and concealer make-up Brush

Hi guys , I have another make-up brush for you .This is another Superdrug Foundation Brush , so If you would like to see a review , click HERE.
Anyway ,I've been looking at some make-up brushes by Ecotools and I think they look really pretty,but I saw this next to them and thought hey this is cheaper and it's PINK !

If you know me I'm all for the cheaper option but if it's good quality and it's expensive I might just purchase it.Well , this is pretty good quality , seen as it doesn't shed and it's so soft and smooth all whilst being so affordable.

It spreads the foundation smoothly over my skin and really evenly.I even found that my foundation covered up today miles better than it has been doing lately.
It also has a concealer end which I think is great at blending and works just as well as the foundation side.Overall I'm going to give this product five stars , I certainly cannot find anything bad about it .


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I'll e-mali you just in case but yeah , it just hasn't seemed to shed yet even when I've cleaned it , which is absolutely great !
      Iqraa xox


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