Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sex in the City Perfume Love scent

Hi guys,this post is on The  Sex in the City perfume  Love scent .I also have the Lust scent which I will be doing a review on soon.I think the bottle to this perfume looks really pretty but I don't know if it's meant to represent anything ?This product was really cheap despite the smell and looks .My sister got  this for £5 and the Lust one for £5 too.So it's really inexpensive.Now on to the scent.

It's not as sweet as I was expecting it to be .It's got some sweet aspect to it but it's a more mature scent than girly if you get what I mean.It comes across as quite strong at first but after a little while it fades slightly.I think the idea of it is to smell quite sexy if you know what that smells like ?It's not a very long lasting scent in fact within half an hour or maybe even less the smell is not present any more .The bottle does contain 100ml so keep puffing.

Overall I would recommend this product to you,maybe even as a gift .It deserves four stars as it smells really nice and it looks really good,it may be cheap but the smell doesn't last a long time!


  1. omg, this totes smells well nice
    but the purple one is better
    pls pls pls do a review on that one
    please and thankyous!


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