Saturday, 11 August 2012

Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder

Hi guys, this post is on Rimmel's Silky Loose face powder in the shade 001 Translucent.So I feel like this powder  was ok I'll use it but I probably won't be buying it again.I have had this product for ages but I never tried it as I thought it had glitter in it .And I absolutely detest face products with glitter in !But after a couple of satisfied uses I thought I should review it for you !

The packaging isn't really anything special ,in fact I would have preferred it being smaller and without a dredger.The dredger made it hard for the powder to come onto my brush.I know the main reason it's there is to make the powder particles really fine and smooth but it wasn't a quick and easy process to apply the powder anyway.I prefer using non-loose powder as the loose powder is really messy .I wouldn't suggest using this anywhere that just recently been cleaned  as the powder literally goes everywhere.

As for the effects of the powder I think this mattified my face really well as it had a kind of semi -mattifying finish and kept my face looking bright.It felt really smooth and light on my face .It is translucent so it doesn't make you go lighter than your skin tone or anything so that's a plus but for some reason the transluscentness just didn't feel right for me.Like I wasn't too sure If I had put it all over my face evenly enough .I think the powder was  long lasting on my skin and therefore worked quite well.

This product can be bought from  Superdrug for £7.19.Overall I think this product deserves a four out of five as it just didn't have that wow factor but I would recommend it.

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