Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MUA Primer

Hi guys, this post is on MUA Primer.I bought this product ages ago and I have been using it since so I thought I'd do a review on it. I never used to use Primer,I still don't need to as my make up does have a tendency to stay on all day when I do it properly.However I bought this thinking it was some sort of miracle worker when it said  "flawlessly evens out complexion."All I saw was the word flawless and had to buy it.

This product doesn't actually keep your make up on for long .In fact you're probably better off just wearing the foundation if you're using it for that matter.However what I noticed with this primer was that it kind of was a base for my make up and it made my make up come on quite evenly and smoothly .Soon after it became a necessity to use ,not for the reason you'd think.

It feels light on my face and feels like I'm getting some moisture into my skin.I guess it does help create an even and full coverage.You only need a pea size blob to kind of place on your skin before foundation but it doesn't need to be rubbed in completely.The main focus for my skin to place the primer is my cheeks as they're not really that smooth due to acne.27ml of this has lasted me quite a while .I would definitely recommend this to people that don't want to buy a very expensive primer as this only cost £4 from Superdrug.It may not  be  the bestest of primers but it will be sufficient enough !

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